Project Rustic Modern Reveal Part 2!!

Happy Monday! I’m back with another reveal over at Project Rustic Modern. Today, it’s all about the dining room! This space also had a dramatic transformation, with the power of paint! The walls above the wainscoting had a warm gold tone. This cool navy blue gave a nice balance to the wood floors and furniture. The walls, lighting and accessories changed, but the furniture and area rug stayed the same. These photos are taken by Sarah Heppell Photography. Enjoy!!




















With all of the warm wood tones in the room, I was careful to select accessories that complimented and didn’t compete. The big items to offset the warmth are the cool navy walls and the oversized, soft white buffet lamps. They provided contrast and a brightness against the warm pieces seen in the space. I hope you liked the reveal of these rooms! The bright colors definitely get me ready for summer!!

Project Rustic Glam: Dining Room Reveal!!

I’m back this week with more Project Rustic Glam reveals and this time, it’s the dining room! We wanted this space to be an extension of the living space, which we completed first. We were working with my client’s gorgeous dining table, rug and hutch, as well as a meaningful art print. Those pieces brought in color, pattern and a unique vintage quality. We then added in some more color and a modern edge, to bring that collected- traditional- meets modern- design. Once again, these images are by the super talented Ana, from Ana Gil Taylor Photography. Enjoy!

Project Rustic Glam, Photos by Ana Gil Taylor

ana gil-taylor photographer-0312-XL



ana gil-taylor photographer-0320-XL



ana gil-taylor photographer-0334-XL



ana gil-taylor photographer-0335-XL



ana gil-taylor photographer-0338-XL



ana gil-taylor photographer-0344-XL

{My client’s meaningful art piece was our color inspiration!!}

ana gil-taylor photographer-0357-XL

{I absolutely love this angle from above that Ana took!!} 

ana gil-taylor photographer-0465-XL

ana gil-taylor photographer-0389-XL

{These chairs!! My client loved them and it was one of the first new pieces we chose for the room. They have such cool details.}

ana gil-taylor photographer-0364-XL

ana gil-taylor photographer-0354-XL

ana gil-taylor photographer-0336-XL

{This image gives a close up of the drapes too, which have a subtle gold shimmer. It complimented the light fixture and ceiling!}

ana gil-taylor photographer-0399-XL

ana gil-taylor photographer-0318-XL

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the tour of Project Rustic Glam!! 

Completed E – Design {the Dining Room}

Sorry for my lack of posts lately! Once I take a week or two away from blogging, it becomes easier and easier to take the post writing out of the schedule. But I love checking in here, so you can be sure to find new blog posts {hopefully more often, from now on.} I have missed it!! Today, I have a completed e-design to show you. I have been working with these wonderful clients throughout their home and it has been so much fun. They are undergoing some renovations to the kitchen and bathroom and I have been helping to marry the renovated spaces with the design style from the rest of the home. The dining room, directly off of the renovated kitchen, is getting an overhaul with new furniture, lighting, rug and window treatments. They are taking down half of the wall between the two spaces, to create an open feel. Here is the design plan…

The Design Plan

OB-Trad dining


I love that the plan will be able to include colorful patterns, a neutral backdrop and upholstery mixed with wood and metal. My inspiration was this dining space by Kate Marker Interiors:


bold drapes

via Kate Marker Interiors

My clients were looking for more floor space in their dining area, so we moved the table and seating over towards the large window, creating a banquette/window seat look. This dining area is their main eating space, so I wanted to make sure it was durable with their young kids. The banquette pillows are made of an indoor/outdoor fabric, so they can easily be washed and are soil resistant. The area rug is also indoor/outdoor, so it can handle the spills it will encounter.

I hope you enjoyed the peek into this new design! I promise there won’t be this much time before my next post. 😉

Before and After: Project Classic Living {The Dining Room}

Hope you all had a great weekend! My Mother’s Day was wonderful, being spoiled by my kids and husband. They are amazing! We had my mom over for dinner on the grill. It was absolute perfection! I am back today, with another before and after to show. Today, it’s all about the dining room. To catch up on all things Project Classic Living, visit HERE. For this space, we kept all of the existing furnishings. In time, we will replace the wood end chairs with light, upholstered pieces and also add a bar cart. The main change in this room was with the paint! We added a deep color to the back of the built ins, allowing the white kitchenware to shine. We also lightened up the walls, added art, accessories and new window treatments and lighting. And don’t miss that new pink ceiling! I just imagine my clients having a dinner party, with the lights dimmed. Everyone will have a glow to their face! As always, the amazing after photos are by Sarah Heppell. Enjoy!


Project Alison 001


Project Alison 010


Project Alison 008





















After Photos by Sarah Heppell

Thanks for stopping by! I love the brass accents with the drapery fabric color and with that pink ceiling!! Up tomorrow, the before and after pictures of the nursery.

Project Classic Living Reveal {The Dining Room}

Today is another reveal day! To catch up on all things Project Classic Living, visit HERE. We are now moving on to the dining room! I planned to have this space flow with the rest of the home, but it is a bit of a diversion. It doesn’t have any of my signature blue in it, but the drapes are the same fabric seen in the living room. I went soft and neutral in this room and layered on the textures. Don’t forget to look at that pink ceiling! It’s a subtle pink, but one that brings a soft glow to the room. We kept all of my client’s existing dining furniture and buffet. The rest is new! In the future, we plan to add upholstered end chairs to the table and a sleek brass bar cart. Enjoy the abundant pictures, by the super talented Sarah Heppell Photography.



















Images by Sarah Heppell Photography

Drapes made by Windows by Melissa, Drapery Fabric by Tonic Living

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed today’s stop on the tour. Up tomorrow… we finish with the nursery and bathroom!

Why This Works

Welcome back to another installment of Why This Works… a series where I show a designed space and talk about why it works so well. Today is interior designer Caitlin Moran’s gorgeous, eclectic, bohemian inspired dining room. This image below was taken from her feature in Lonny and is a true show stopper. Take a look!


why this works

image via

I have always been a fan of neutral spaces with pops of color and this room does that to perfection. The color comes through in the abstract wall art, the area rug and table setting. This style of seating has really grown on me lately and I love it! The low profile works so well for this modern look and the rustic simplicity from the table is a great balance. And let’s talk about that statement chandelier for a minute! I have written in past posts about using lighting that almost seems too oversized for a space. When it seems too large, it is actually just right! And I love the texture this fixture brings into the room. I am also a huge fan of layering rugs to add depth and interest. {And in this space, color and pattern, too!} It is a wonderful way to make a rug that would be considered too small, work so well. I love the mixture of the window treatments, with the sheers and patterned panels. They provide function and style, which is a win win in my eyes! The wall sconce is large enough to be functional, but doesn’t compete with the art work and chandelier. And a vase of fresh flowers is the best way to complete any room! All in all, this space works!

What are your thoughts???

{The fact that I have two back to back posts of Why This Works is not lost on me! Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I will be back soon to share some completed e-designs.}  :)

E-Design Boards Reveal!!

I wanted to check in and show you the latest e-design boards I created for a lovely out of state client. My client heard about me from her sister, who I have worked with locally for #projectdelicatenursery #projectclassickitchen and #projectclassicliving. Having referrals from clients is one of my favorite parts of my job, because it makes my day that they want to recommend me to others, especially their own family members! And just like my local client, her sister was just as sweet and wonderful to work with. My new clients wanted to pull together their beautiful kitchen and dining room renovation with the finishing touches… new accessories and art. I also suggested some new lighting and a few key furniture pieces that will enhance their already amazing renovation. Here are some pictures of the kitchen…

The Kitchen

Gorgeous, right?!? And here is the design board I came up with for this space…

We will be doing two oversized, framed art pieces, hung side by side, on the long wall by the kitchen table. They will either be the fern prints, driftwood prints {both on the left of the board} or the charcoal botanical prints {bottom right of the board}. Which art pieces would you choose? Here are some pictures of the dining room…

The Dining Room

We will be working with most of the things you see in these pictures. And here is the design board I came up with for this space…

I just love that CWT buffalo check pillow! That was suggested to go on the upholstered head chairs. It will be a modern take on a traditional pattern, which is perfect for this dining room. The gorgeous furniture in this space is antique and was refinished with love from my client’s father. I love the charm and personal connection this furniture has in the room. Since the head chairs were bought after and are not part of the collection, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring some upholstered pieces into the room. The upholstered head chairs will bring a softness to the space and be a nice compliment to the wood furniture. The bamboo mirror will go above the buffet, with a pair of fun table lamps flanking the mirror. My client will be deciding on art that will go on either side of the buffet lamps and above the extra chairs. I suggested to either go with the blue watercolors that are shown on the bottom of the board or a pair of floral vase prints, which is shown in the center of the board. Which would you choose for the dining room?

I will update you on the progress of these spaces, as we move forward!

My Hand Painted Wall Design






I am constantly inspired by design ideas and have lately been stretching my comfort zone to try new ways to express those inspirations into my own home. A room can completely be transformed through paint. Whether it’s a whole new paint color on all of the walls or a special treatment to one wall section… paint can change a room’s vibe and overall style. I have always loved designer Kelly Wearstler’s unique take on design and the way she can effortlessly push the envelope. Take for example, her iconic foyer with those gorgeous coral walls…

image via Vogue
How cool is that picture?!? And then my jaw dropped again when I saw a similar style, but on drapery panels…
The home of Christine Dovey, designed by Meredith Heron and seen on Style at Home.
And I am in awe of this modern hand painted look also seen on Kristin’s living room wall from the blog, The Hunted Interior

I knew I had to apply it in some way in my own home. And if I got it totally wrong, it’s just paint, right? There’s really no tutorial for this project. Just some leftover white paint, a two inch paint brush and your creativity. I would paint a couple of brush strokes and then step back to make sure it was coming along how I planned. That’s all there is to it! And my husband really likes it, too. He walked in and said, “wow, I really like it!” Win win for me! It was also a great validation for me that I didn’t just do something completely crazy. :)

E-Design – A Client’s Dining Room

I am excited to share this e-design project with you today! I was asked by a great blog friend to help put some finishing touches on her dining room, foyer and living room. Today, I will share the design for the dining room. My blog friend Anne, has moved into this gorgeous newly built home and has already done an amazing job selecting finishes and furniture for every space. I am so envious of her stunning chandelier in the dining room, which you’ll see later on in the post! Her style is a blend of modern/traditional with a bohemian/glam flair. I love mixing design styles and absolutely love this combination. My client already had the dining table, credenza, chandelier and rug. Here is what I came up with to finish the space…

The Design Plan

I love to mix up the seating in a dining room, making the head chairs more substantial and stately. The wing chairs paired with clear acrylic side chairs is a fun, unique combo that Anne loved! I also thought it would be fun to add a bar cart on casters. That way, she can easily bring the cart to the kitchen and back into the dining area when entertaining. Here is the style board I came up with for the bar cart…

Bar Cart Styling

The accessories on the right side will go on the top shelf. The bottom shelf with have a blue/green demijohn filled with wine corks. They can add to it as they entertain and use it as a fun way to remember happy gatherings! It is also a subtle way to incorporate more texture in the space. The inspiration image shown on the left of the board can be found here and is a great example of the vision for this zone. Here is the progress Anne has made so far…


Isn’t that Meurice chandelier stunning?!? It requires a whopping 30 bulbs that will soon be added to the fixture. I know the Ming Dragon fabric will be so amazing on those windows! I love the way the acrylic chairs look around her table and cannot wait to see this space come together. Great work, Anne!

Next week, I will show you the plans for the foyer and living room. You won’t want to miss this gorgeous home tour!

Displaying Photos Around the Holidays

I am very fortunate to have family pictures handed down to me, spanning many generations from my mom’s side of the family. In the future, I have big plans to frame them all, place them under glass trays and preserve their legacies. But for the Thanksgiving season, I thought it would be great to have them out on display, where everyone can see and appreciate them. At this busy time of year, when we are starting the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s nice to sit back, remember family members both past and present and appreciate all the love that surrounds us. I would love to take you down memory lane today and show you some beautiful pictures that will be out on display at our house, this Thanksgiving…

When my kids were toddlers, I definitely wouldn’t have put out this display. The pictures would have ended up all over the house and in someone’s mouth. But now that the kids are bigger, they can understand when to be more gentle with fragile things. Before this arrangement, the pictures were tucked away inside my drawer. We can now look through and enjoy these wonderful memories, while they await their proper location in the house. Looking through these photos definitely reminds me how much I have to be thankful for!