About Page Welcome! My name is Amber and I’m thrilled you’re here! I started the blog Simple Dwellings and my design business back in 2011 and I have never looked back. It has been a very fun and rewarding experience and I look forward to sharing all of the client projects, DIY experiments and design chat here on this site. I have a degree in Education with a concentration in English, so this blog came to be in an effort to bring together two of my favorite pastimes… writing and interior design. After teaching for a few years, I realized my true calling was decorating interiors for others. After taking several design classes and working on homes for friends and family, Amber B Design was born. I absolutely love searching through fabric stores and could get lost in antique shops for hours. I appreciate design that is both beautiful and functional. I love so many different design styles and believe they can all exist together.

Amber I married the love of my life in 2002 and he is my biggest support system! Our first home together as a married couple was in Germany, while my husband was in the army. We stayed in Europe for three years and loved the opportunity. Living in both a big city and rural town while in Germany, helped to better define my style and gave me experience with decorating smaller spaces. Traveling throughout Europe helped to shape my outlook on design, giving me a more global approach to every space I decorate. And now as a wife and mother, I appreciate and understand the need for design that is both beautiful and functional.

My design philosophy is simple… everything that goes into your space should be the things you absolutely love! Beautiful design can be functional and practical and it does not have to cost a fortune. I specialize in creating rooms with a unique mix of high and low and blending the old with the new to tell a collected, thoughtful story. I love to mix various design styles, while also keeping the space cohesive and functional. At ABD, every design detail is taken into careful consideration and we strive to bring you a design plan perfectly catered to your style. I want the space to reflect the people that live there while also feel warm and inviting to their guests. Your home should tell your story and chronicle your life and experiences. Every room in your home should be a reflection of you!

I live and work in Central New York with my husband and children. When not with the family, you may find me out running with my music or scouring any and every interior design store.