My favorite color palette

There are times when a room needs a little pizazz. It can be the paint color on the walls, the fabric choice for the drapes, or the had to have piece of furniture that takes your space to the next level. Whatever makes the space pop can be the talk of the town when people come to visit. For me, I always go back to this color palette- my favorite colors that when grouped together- are unstoppable. I adore deep browns paired with blue grays, dark creams and whites. My living room is painted Mink  by Benjamin Moore. It is an amazingly dark brown color, that almost looks black. I was a little afraid when I saw the paint chip, knowing that all of my walls would be that color! Luckily, we get a ton of natural light in the room, that when paired with a cream carpet, it works. So far, we have a huge starburst mirror, in a rust bronze that dominates the main wall. We brought in creamy gold drapes and have started to use white and blue gray accent pillows. We have two antique furniture pieces in the space, paired with table lamps with very modern drum shades. For the most part, the space is still unfurnished, because we are still trying to find the right pizazz to add to the room. I was thinking of a deep, brown velvet sofa with some occasional chairs in a fabric that compliments the four fav colors!  I  also thought of a sleek, clear acrylic table in front of the couch, to blend modern with traditional. I am wondering what you think! What else could fit in the space to make a statement? Here are some of my design inspirations taken from Elle Decor’s look book and Sunset.

I love this space! Elegant and comfortable.
This is from Elle Decor. Photo taken by Simon Upton. Designed by Elizabeth Martin.

Again, the beautiful dark brown sofas! Here, the wall color is much lighter, and the space also works beautifully. Also feautured in Elle Decor. Photo taken by Roger Davies. Designed by Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani.

I had to include this pic because of the amazing cowhide rug! Also from Elle Decor. Photo taken by William Waldron. Homeowner is Kelly Klein.

There is the coffee table I love! From Sunset. Photo taken by Thomas J Story.

Monochromatic style doesn’t have to be boring

Some may believe lack of color means lack of style.  I saw a great episode of Candice Olson’s Candice Tells All, where she proves them wrong!  On this show, she redesigns a master bedroom using soft, neutral hues.  She eloquently explains that neutral doesn’t have to mean boring- the layering and texture that you add to the design are crucial in making it look polished and interesting.  Candice stayed with warms neutrals, soothing grays and ivory hues, but paired them using different textures and fabrics.  She found several different fabrics and prints to layer as pillows, throws and key furniture pieces.  She used a beautiful statement piece on the wall above the bed.  It was a large, circular feathered piece in an ivory color.  The color itself was so simple, but the texture in the feathers gave such depth to the wall.  
And to give the room more character, she used some wood furniture pieces, (nightstands, accent tables) to give the room a masculine touch.  This room stood out as a restful retreat, not a boring space!  I hope to attach some pictures of the room soon.


Juxtaposition.  I love this word!  You can use it to mean closeness, side by side or to pair together.  I love to pair different decor styles and textures to create a pulled together look.  I love the juxtaposition of an old farmhouse table with modern, sleek chairs.  I love the juxtaposition of a sleek, extra large drum shade over a rustic dining set. 
It is also lovely to juxtapose a stream lined, modern leather chair next to an elegant pedestal side table.  Modern with traditional, sleek with romantic, antiques with new- it all works.  A room speaks to me and has depth when it is well thought out, evolves over time and brings pieces together from your travels.  I believe decorating is an evolution, that doesn’t happen overnight.  There’s no use stressing over whether there is a piece of furniture in every corner of the room, or a picture on every wall.  The beauty and fun of interior design is the thrill of the hunt- looking for that right piece for that space.  Waiting until you have found a piece that will last, is functional and right for your budget.  So enjoy your shopping quest- And when you find that special piece, it helps tell your design story! 


When thinking of ways to make your home reflect your stlye, inspiration can come in many forms.  If you love the outdoors and nature, simply going outside for a walk can become a great way to begin!  There are so many beautiful colors outside during the seasons, from which to draw inspiration.  My favorite season for design is fall.  I love the colors of the leaves when they turn bright orange and golden brown.  The rustic look of the brances is a great textural inspiration.  I like to think of pairing a rustic dining table with more modern chairs, as a way to mix the old and new.  Another great nature walk is to the beach.  The colors of the water and sand can be so soothing and relaxing.  Great colors to have in the restful places in your home.  
Inspiration can also come from the people in your life.  When family pictures surround you, your home instantly becomes a relaxing story of your life and the people in it.  My family inspires me, because they challenge me to be creative in the ways we organize our life and how we can all have a design voice.  My mom has always been a great inspiration to me, because she has a great way of combining different styles and making them work.  She has always said and this is so true, that “if you find something that you love, you can make it work in the space.”  It goes back to pairing your favorite things with what inspires you!  Enjoy the nature walks and the people in your life!   

Curtains are the ballgowns for our windows

There are curtains in our living room that puddle on the floor about an extra 6 inches!  That might sound crazy and unnecessary, but I actually did this on purpose.  When purchasing these curtains to fit our windows in our new home (5 years ago), I thought they looked like a fabric for a dress.  I really became inspired by french decor, which can be oppulent and fabric heavy.  When I was watching decorator Sarah Richardson on HGTV, she described puddled silk fabric as the ballgowns for your windows!  I thought, that’s it!  What a perfect description.  I thought about Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and how her elegance in fashion and style can also transcend to interior decor!  Even a small statement in a room, such as curtains, can become such a focal point.  It can be the icing on the cake, or the little black dress of the room.  Small changes can actually create big impact.  So, if you hang your curtains and realize they’re too long- leave them!  And enjoy the puddle!

The Evolving Style

When I say that your decor tastes will change– I say that from personal experience.  When I was younger, I loved contemporary design.  I remember driving by a very modern house, and thinking it was my dream home!  When I went away to college, I loved everything that was cheetah or leopard print!  I had leopard print curtains, pillows- you name it!  When I got married to my wonderful husband, I introduced him to my love of shabby chic!  Everything in our apartment was yellow, cream or pink!  The couches were slipcovered white and there were floral prints on the walls.  After realizing it might be too much for us, the style in our home turned more primitive, early Americana.  We shopped at small shops and found more masculine colors and early American folk style pieces.  And as we get older and our taste evolves, we are now at the current style, which is a return to modern.  We like a more simple, contemporary look, with a blend of traditional elements.  The mix of old and new, traditional and modern is the perfect match for us!  Over time, your style will evolve and new pieces will come into your home and mix with the wonderful things you already have.  It’s an everchanging process, and we’re along for the ride!

Intro to Simple Dwellings

I have loved interior design for as long as I can remember.  I am an avid HGTV fan and love to come up with new decorating ideas, or expanding on existing ones.  My education background is not design, but I feel it is my calling!  I daydream about what to decorate next, or how large print damask wallpaper will look in my entryway.  I truly believe that you don’t have to be a famous designer to have great style.  You also don’t have to break the bank to afford great style.  Choosing to begin with timeless pieces that will always be in vogue and will stand through the ever changing trends is what makes your design last!
Let’s get ready to talk design!