A Peek Inside Our Home

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, My Favorite Color Palette, our living room is a work in progress. We want to collect pieces over time, to make sure that we tell our design story properly. And since I have changed my mind many times, pondering over everything from the room’s paint color to seating options, my husband and I thought it best to wait a while. The room is roughly a 14×14 space, with only one full wall- the other three walls are either filled with windows or large openings to other rooms. So, furniture placement can be a challenge. 
Challenges aside, I think we are off to a good start! So far, we have a few key pieces in the space that have been either found at flea markets or given to us by my mom, who also enjoys hunting for new treasures. And to mix it up a bit, there are some modern accessories and lighting. I love to blend old and new, rustic and sleek. My husband and I lived in Europe when we first got married, and we went on searches to collect unique things for our new life together. We visited the huge flea market in Tongeren, Belgium which was beautiful! So many unique treasures to find there! And one of my absolute favorites was Les Puces de Saint-Ouen in France, which is the world’s biggest flea market. Furniture, antique dress forms and collectibles lined the streets of this huge market. We also loved the small town markets in Italy that had everything from produce to furniture! So, we thought it was a great opportunity while we were in Europe, to start collecting treasures! Below are some pictures of the work in progress living room and adjoining dining space. For a more detailed description of my ideas and inspirations for this living room space, please visit an older post I wrote: My Favorite Color Palette

Here is the full wall in our living room. The antique chest was from my mom. (Thanks, mom!) Modern lighting and accessories accompany the antique.

A closeup of the drum shade lamp. We have two in the space.

A 1940’s mahogany secretary found in Tongeren, Belgium is also in the space.

A view into the dining room from the living room.

A closer peek into the dining room. A mix of old and new, modern and traditional.

We found this hutch in a store in Germany, though I don’t believe it’s an antique.

A final look into the dining room, with a small peek into our kitchen.

After seeing our space, what do you suggest for seating options in the living room?

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