A Serene Retreat

Aaahhhh….. the master bedroom. It can be a calming, restful retreat after a long day. A place to unwind and relax, ready to meet the next day ahead. For me, I love the colors in a master bedroom to be soothing, calm and quiet- just like sleep! We currently have a four poster bed, which is great, but I have taken a liking to a new style- the tufted and padded headboard! I love to blend this traditional, romantic style with rustic, masculine touches in a bedroom retreat! I adore blending a lovely headboard and mirrored nightstands with modern, masculine drum shades and rustic wood accent pieces. I love the look of a traditional headboard paired with modern linens in blues and browns. I think it looks great when a more feminine headboard is combined with sleek armchairs in a masculine, geometric pattern. The difference can be subtle, but the play on styles and textures will make the room feel lived in and unique. I love having the master retreat neutral, without loud colors. For me, I always go back to my favorite color palette when describing my dream oasis- subtle hints of deep browns paired with ivories, blue/grays, and soft golds. The deep browns can be in some furnishings and accessories, the ivories and blue/grays are on the walls and linens, and the soft golds are in the drapes. And of course, using pillows and an area rug that seamlessly blends all colors! I like adding some texture, by pairing rustic roman shades with luxurious silk drapes- again the yin and yang of modern with traditional. Aaahhhh…. the dream is lovely! Here are some inspiring master retreats- which is your favorite? 

1. I love the drama in this headboard! From Cottage Living. Photo taken by Megan Thompson.

2. I also love a wing back headboard. From Living etc.com. Photo taken by Paul Raeside.

3. I love the subtle use of calming colors! From Coastal Living. Photo taken by Grey Crawford.

4. I would love these beautiful chairs as a headboard! From House Beautiful. Designed by Kay Douglass.

5. And after all my searching…… I’m also still drawn to a four poster bed! From Elle Decor. Photo taken by William Waldron.

6. It’s funny how I ended up right where I began! From Elle Decor. Photo and design by Vicente Wolf.

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