The Box Inspiration

Sometimes, your next design inspiration can come as a complete surprise. For me, it was at the supermarket. I was there today, picking up things I forgot (happens to me all the time), when I stumbled upon my next inspiration. I realized we needed tissues, because one of us always seems to have a cold in the winter. I found the cutest, most chic prints I’ve ever seen on a tissue box. (Good job, Kleenex!) I had to have these little boxes of inspiration, because I think a room could be designed around their beauty.

Aren’t they fun? It got me thinking- what would a space look like, inspired by these prints?So, my mind starting racing, thinking about how that room could come together. The space would have to be hip and definitely very chic. It would have to be contemporary, with a splash of traditional. It must be fun and not take itself too seriously. The space would feel whimsical, light and airy. The room would have comfortable elegance with pops of amazing color! So, until this space actually comes to fruition in my own home, I thought it would be fun to find amazing dwellings where these tissue boxes could thrive! Enjoy!

From Elle Decor. Photo by Simon Upton. Designed by Madeline Weinrib.

From Elle Decor. Photo by Simon Upton. Designed by Steven Gambrel.

From Elle Decor. Photo by William Waldron. Designed by Jonathan Adler.

From Elle Decor. Photo by Pieter Estersohn. Designed by Gwen Driscoll.

From Metropolitan Home. Photo and Design by Vicente Wolf.

If you used these tissue boxes as inspiration, what would your space look like?


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