The Power of Design

Yesterday was a big day in the virtual magazine world…….. the first issue of
High Gloss out for the world to see! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it’s amazing! Congratulations to the entrepreneurs that started this stylish magazine.
I have only been a blogger for about a month, but I continue to be blown away by the creative and stylish design bloggers and entrepreneurs out there! Whether your blog is a journal or a springboard for a business, I have truly enjoyed reading so many innovative thinkers and decorators! This has been an amazing journey so far. I applaud the art of blogging and getting creative thoughts and ideas on paper! It’s inspiring to see so many people with a passion for design! It’s also so inspiring to hear stories of people who started a blog, then turned it into a business of their dreams. Whether it’s interior designers, book writers or virtual magazine owners, the creativity of these stylish entrepreneurs is evident!  
These innovative thinkers have inspired me to start a blog series on virtual magazines! For the rest of this week, I will feature some amazing design mags that continue to keep me inspired! And welcome to the list, High Gloss!

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