Step into the foyer

When walking into the front door of your home, the first space people see is the foyer. It is the first impression people get for your design style. As my mom would eloquently put it- It is the appetizer before the main course! Many people (including myself), get so caught up with decorating the main living spaces in the home, that the first impression space is forgotten. I have been dreaming about- and will achieve- a finished, and (hopefully) well put together foyer. It is one of my next projects!  This year, I have a new love for wallpaper! I adore a large damask print that blends modern with traditional.  I have learned from watching HGTV’s Dear Genevieve, that traditional prints like damask, transform into a more modern look when the print is blown up in size and repeated. And we all know that I love to blend modern with traditional! Here is a peek into some amazing foyers that have helped to inspire me. Which is your favorite?

1. This beautiful foyer has the large damask print that I adore! From Southern Accents. Photo by Roger Davies.

2. I love this space! It seamlessly blends modern with traditional. The chic, urban style of the block wallpaper juxtaposes beautifully with the traditional columns and settee. From Cottage Living. Photo taken by Robbie Caponetto.

3. I love the traditional wallpaper and lantern fixture, paired with a bold, dark color on the doors, stairs and newel post. From Elle Decor. Photo taken by Simon Upton. Designed by Courtnay Daniels Haden.

4. A very chic entrance! Also from Elle Decor. Photo taken by Simon Upton. Designed by Vicente Wolf.

5. What a chandelier! The style in the fixture is very traditional, but the darkness makes it so devinely modern! I love the detail in the mirror too. From Coastal Living. Photo taken by Jean Allsop.

6. Last but certainly not least, my love of neutral had to make an appearance! I enjoy it’s simple elegance.
From Southern Accents. Photo taken by Tria Giovan. Designed by Mary Evelyn McKee.

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