Our Blue and White Collection

When my husband and I first got married, we lived in Germany. It is there that we started to build our life together, and collected pieces to help start our design story. As newlyweds in a foreign country with hardly any furniture, we were a lucky couple! We were starting our future in beautiful, picturesque Europe, where flea markets and antique stores abound! Everywhere you look, there is history and a sense of storybook fairytale around every cobblestoned corner. I looked to this new opportunity with eyes wide open, ready to explore the adventures that were ahead. It is there that I truly became in love with interior design and decorating our own apartment! We would search european flea markets and cities to find perfect treasures for our space. It is with this search, that I began a blue and white collection. There is something about your own treasured collection that makes your space unique, personal and rich with history. The memories of the search and discovery of each collection piece are priceless. And a blue and white collection was fun, because we had so many beautiful towns, villages and cities to explore! In Germany, there were beautiful boutiques we often visited. In Poland, we stopped at several pottery shops, where shelves were lined with blue and white treasures! In the small village of Nove, Italy, we found beautiful ceramics to compliment the new collection. The search for blue and white is now fairly complete, but the memories of the hunt are always there- as we begin more collections together!
Here is a sneak peek into our blue and white story.

Do you have a collection, or pieces with nostalgia in your home?

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