Before and After {Foyer E-Design}

A love a great before and after, don’t you? It always amazes me to see how a space can transform with just a few changes! I have a great before and after to show you, today. My wonderful client and I have been working on several rooms throughout her home and she has been a pleasure to work with. Her and her husband have been plugging away at each of the spaces and are truly doing a wonderful job seeing the design vision through. Here is the foyer when we began working together…


We wanted to bring some pattern and texture to this space and make it a fun welcoming area to look at upon entering her house. A foyer is a very important room to consider, since it sets the stage for what’s to come throughout a home. I created the foyer design along with the living room, since they are really one big space. Here is the design board I came up with, the foyer design towards the left of the board…

Design Plan

I wanted to create pattern on the walls with a new stencil. This helped to separate the foyer from the living room, while still making it feel like one design. To unify the spaces, we painted all of the walls in both the foyer and living room the same gray/white shade. That really helped to lighten up the spaces and allow the accessories to shine. Here are the afters of her foyer…


The stencil and the lighter walls really make the space, don’t you think? I also love the way a room changes with just some paint. The door and trim looks amazing painted black! I love the way she pulled this space together. And thanks so much to my client for allowing me to share these photos here on the blog. :)

Pictures of Our New Lantern Chandelier!

A while back, I showed a snap shot on instagram {amberbinteriors} of our new chandelier in the kitchen. I finally took some proper pictures for the blog! Ballard Designs always impresses me… my design clients are always happy with their purchases and I finally bought my first big item from them and was more than impressed. When pieces are even more beautiful and stunning in person than in the catalogue and on the web site, they have done a great job in my eyes! I have wanted a dramatic statement chandelier for a while now. I always tell my clients that if you think the accessory is a bit too big for the space, then it’s the perfect fit. It’s always those oversized pieces that get noticed and truly make the room. When I first opened the package, it was even bigger than I had imagined, which made me giddy!!

via my instagram
It was so well packaged and delivered very quickly. Some things take a while with Ballard Designs, because they tend to be backordered at times. But happy to say this arrived very quickly! And truth be told, even if I had to wait months, it still would have been worth it.

This is their Piedmont 4 Light Lantern in Brick Red. I like to use red as accents and I thought it coordinated well with our console tables behind the sectional. 
 our family room via my instagram
I love the brass detail on the inside. Eventually, I will switch out the bulbs for modern round options. Another way to keep it fresh and new! 

How I Built A Room Around One Chair

Where do you find inspiration when decorating a room in your home? Do you start with a fabric, some art or a color scheme? Maybe, you begin by finding an eclectic, must have chair and build the entire room around that one piece of furniture. I was recently asked by Chairish to do just that. Chairish, an on line site that sells curator approved treasures for your home, reached out to me to participate in a fun challenge… I had several vintage chairs from their site to choose from and I had to build an entire design around that one piece! I knew right away that I wanted to select a chair that had character on its own, was a bit of a break from my norm {to make this a true challenge for me!} and a show stopping piece with some color. Below is the mid century modern gem that I chose…

This iconic Arne Jacobsen style Egg Chair and Ottoman is a fun, chic addition to any space when looking to add some modern flair. I knew I wanted to design a living room space that didn’t take itself too seriously, was eclectic and fun, while also staying true to modern roots. If you know my style, I always like to mix things up. My spaces tend to have several design styles tie in together. To me, it makes a room feel collected over time and unique. So a collected space that reads both modern and eclectic, fun and whimsical, was the direction I tried to go with. I hope you like it!
The Design

The egg chair was the jumping off point for this whole design and encouraged me to have some fun with color. Once this chair was chosen, I knew that the pillows needed to be fun, vibrant and full of pattern. Since the bright pops of color come in through the egg chair, pillows and art, I stayed more neutral with the area rug and the soft green drapes. The walls will also be a soft gray, almost white color, which allows the bright pieces to shine. I also selected some other pieces from Chairish, such as the Brass Bamboo Coffee Table and the Tripod Floor Lamp. I always love to mix metal finishes in a space, so these two accessories do just that. The stunning sunburst mirror in the brass finish adds a hint of glamour to the room, while the dipped wooden stool brings a rustic touch. For me, it’s about creating that balance between different styles, textures and finishes. This iconic egg chair is a statement piece on its own and I hope that I brought it to life in this living room design. Make sure to check out Chairish for your next vintage find. To view more amazing vintage chairs on their site, click HERE. To find out where all sources are from the design board, click on the links below.

E-Design Before and After {A Client’s Gallery Wall}

You may have read some of my previous posts about my love for gallery walls… especially asymmetrical layouts around a television. Not only does it allow you to bring in color and pattern to a space, it’s also a great trick of the eye to help conceal the TV. One of my wonderful e-design clients recently completed an arrangement on her media wall and I can’t wait to show you the impact it made! Here is the before picture of the television wall…


Here is the design plan I came up with for the whole space…

And here is the media wall mock up I made for the gallery wall…

We incorporated her taxidermy art and her lamp, but added some fun new art pieces and a hint of brass in the mirrors. Here is the after…


I am so proud of the progress she has made!! You can even see a glimpse into her foyer on the left, with the gorgeous wall stencil. The boot umbrella stand, shown on the right side of the last picture, will go in the foyer. She is almost finished with the spaces, so there will be another reveal coming in the future. Thank you so much to my amazing client for allowing me to share these pictures here. She always has the sweetest things to say and it has been my pleasure helping her enjoy her spaces that much more! We also recently wrapped up her kitchen and dining space, so more designs to show, soon.

Before and After Updates {A Client’s Living Room}

I have some wonderful updates of a client project to show you today! A little while back, an e-design client contacted me to help bring a more eclectic, bohemian style to her living room. This space is directly off of the foyer and is the space they gather when entertaining and spending time with their family. We kept some of her current furniture pieces and accessories, but added many new pieces to finish the look. I showed you the design plan a few posts back, but here is a refresher..

The Design Plan

Here is her reading nook {the top left corner of the room} before…

Reading Nook Before

And here is the after…


I love the new light wall color and the way her chair and bookcase fit into the design plan. The corner gallery wall is fun for a space like this. It adds depth to this side of the room, giving the illusion of more space. The woven ottoman adds interesting texture and is a great way to break up all of the upholstery pieces seen in the seating.

She also made progress on the fireplace mantel. Here is the before…


And here is the after…


The mirror and waterscape vases bring a more eclectic, unique vibe to the room, which was exactly what she was looking for. The room had great bones, but it was more traditional in style than she wanted. We removed the oversized chairs and replaced them with more streamlined, modern seating. I can’t wait to show you more progress to come!

Thanks to my amazing client for allowing me to share these sneak peeks and her great progress!

The Foyer is Almost Done… You’ve Gotta See This!

I am so thrilled to show you this {almost} reveal, that I couldn’t wait until all of the pieces were in place. My client and blog friend, Anne, moved into her newly built home and is doing a fabulous job making it her own. The finishes and pieces she has chosen so far have made this house an incredible work of art. She contacted me to help her put finishing touches on the foyer, dining room and living room. I originally wrote about the foyer here, but let’s re cap…

Here is Anne’s foyer before…

Stunning, right?!? Here is the design plan I came up with to add a touch of modern glamour to the space and complete the look…

The Design Plan…

And here is the {almost} reveal of the foyer…

That stencil is seriously everything!! Anne did an amazing job with that project. It adds fun texture and pattern to the space and is a great way to introduce the home’s style as you enter through the front door. The Beach print from Furbish brings together the home’s color palette and is a whimsical accessory to the foyer. Here is a close up of the amazing print…

We will still add a couple of accessories and an ottoman for putting on/taking off shoes. But I just had to show you the progress. Amazing job, Anne! Thanks for letting me share your gorgeous space!

A Peek Inside My Friend’s Home

I have a treat for you today! Inspiration is everywhere and I am always intrigued with how others decide to decorate their home. What personal mementos are important to them, how design styles shape the way they live and just an overall curiosity for how people decorate. My good friend Deanna, is no stranger to great design. Ever since we met a few years back, I have loved her sense of style… both in fashion and interiors. Our kids are the same age and great friends, so I am lucky we get to see each other often and chat design. And when I approached her about taking a few pictures of her gallery wall for the blog, I was so excited she said yes! Deanna has created a large gallery wall of meaningful art around her television, blending the TV into the art wall, tricking the eye into seeing more than just the television. Her vision for her mid century modern home is amazing. The furniture pieces and art she has collected along the way are fun, eclectic and work so well with the character of her home. So without further adieu, let’s let the pictures do the talking…

The colorful foliage picture above the piano portrait was left by the original homeowners of the house. It is an artist’s abstract interpretation of the home’s backyard. 

I always tell Deanna this one is my favorite! How could you not fall in love with this art piece? 

In this image, you can see a glimpse into the foyer. I have always loved that oversized paper light fixture. She recently painted the inside of the front door red and found the bridge art print when shopping at IKEA. The scale is perfect for that wall!

The silhouette print was actually a school project made by her son! The bird prints are from Target.

One last snapshot of this stunning gallery wall!

Deanna tackled this gallery wall project in a very thoughtful way. Let’s take her ideas point by point, so you can recreate this look…
1. Mixing symmetry with asymmetry. Deanna used symmetry with the vintage chairs sitting on either side of the television, but then juxtaposed that look with an asymmetrical gallery wall of art. 
2. Mixing large and small prints and using the whole wall to hang the art. Don’t be afraid to go floor to ceiling with art! It doesn’t always have to be at eye level. She used various sized pieces to fill in the wall and arranged them in a way that was aesthetically pleasing to look at. Just take it one art piece at a time and step back every now and then to see where you need to fill in the gaps. Once Deanna hung all of the pieces, it actually made the space feel larger and the wall looked taller than before. It’s a great illusion! 
3. Not every inch of the art piece has to be shown. Covering a portion with a piece of furniture or object is a great layering technique. Deanna did that when she placed some of her piano portrait a few inches behind the chair. 
4. To achieve this eclectic look, mix up your frame finishes and combine store bought prints with vintage, collected pieces. There is a time and a place for the same frame finishes and that might be when you are doing a symmetrical gallery wall. For this look, mix it up!
5. Use meaningful art! So many of these pieces tell a story, which is exactly how your home should be! Being surrounded by meaningful memories, such as the silhouette made by her son, is priceless.
6. Shop around your home when creating your gallery wall. Deanna actually had all of these prints in her home already, but on a different wall. Arranging them around the television makes them feel like new art pieces! 
Thank you so much, Deanna, for letting me crash your beautiful house and show it here on the blog!   

E-Design – A Client’s Foyer

I love it when I am working with a client that loves design and gets just as excited about the project as I do! One of my recent e-design clients who is also a blog friend, has contacted me to help her pull together the foyer, dining room and living room. In my last post, I shared the plans and progress of the dining room. My friend and client, Anne, has an open floor plan on the first level and we are making choices that all work well together and create continuity and flow. The color palette will remain the same for all spaces… mixing grays, blues and corals for a modern and fun design! Here is a snapshot of the foyer we are working with…

Her Foyer Before

As you can see, we are already working with a stunning space. This girl knows design very well! We will keep the pretty wall color, rug and chandelier. Anne recently bought the console and already had the hexagon mirror. We are incorporating it all into the plan. Here is what I came up with to bring this space together…

The Design Plan

We will add a stencil to that one wall, create a fun gallery wall using her mirror, add an ottoman for putting on and taking off shoes and include some chic accessories to the top of the console. I cannot wait to see the space come together and that stencil up on the wall. It is already a stunning space!!

Make sure to check back next week, as we move onto the living room! The ‘before pictures’ are gorgeous on their own!

E-Design – A Client’s Dining Room

I am excited to share this e-design project with you today! I was asked by a great blog friend to help put some finishing touches on her dining room, foyer and living room. Today, I will share the design for the dining room. My blog friend Anne, has moved into this gorgeous newly built home and has already done an amazing job selecting finishes and furniture for every space. I am so envious of her stunning chandelier in the dining room, which you’ll see later on in the post! Her style is a blend of modern/traditional with a bohemian/glam flair. I love mixing design styles and absolutely love this combination. My client already had the dining table, credenza, chandelier and rug. Here is what I came up with to finish the space…

The Design Plan

I love to mix up the seating in a dining room, making the head chairs more substantial and stately. The wing chairs paired with clear acrylic side chairs is a fun, unique combo that Anne loved! I also thought it would be fun to add a bar cart on casters. That way, she can easily bring the cart to the kitchen and back into the dining area when entertaining. Here is the style board I came up with for the bar cart…

Bar Cart Styling

The accessories on the right side will go on the top shelf. The bottom shelf with have a blue/green demijohn filled with wine corks. They can add to it as they entertain and use it as a fun way to remember happy gatherings! It is also a subtle way to incorporate more texture in the space. The inspiration image shown on the left of the board can be found here and is a great example of the vision for this zone. Here is the progress Anne has made so far…


Isn’t that Meurice chandelier stunning?!? It requires a whopping 30 bulbs that will soon be added to the fixture. I know the Ming Dragon fabric will be so amazing on those windows! I love the way the acrylic chairs look around her table and cannot wait to see this space come together. Great work, Anne!

Next week, I will show you the plans for the foyer and living room. You won’t want to miss this gorgeous home tour!

2014’s Parade of Homes in Central New York!

Every year, my mom and I go off for the day and attend Central New York’s Parade of Homes. It is an annual event with a collection of newly built homes, all decked out and decorated by local interior designers. The event has been featuring about 8 homes in recent years, but this year, it has 12 homes! We loved that there was more to see. So, we put on our most comfortable shoes and went out for the afternoon to the Town of Clay, where the Parade is held this year. It did not disappoint! There is something so amazing about a brand new home. All of the finishes are custom, the paint colors and floors are all fresh and new. It’s like opening a present on Christmas!! So without further adieu, let’s take a look at my favorite highlights of the Parade…

The Ashfield by Miller Custom Homes

This home had a calm, serene color palette. And who doesn’t fall in love with white kitchen cabinetry?!? I loved the lanterns above the kitchen island and the stenciled wall in one of the bedrooms. Stencils were seen throughout the homes in the Parade this year. Each very thoughtful and unique!

The Timbercrest by Sciuga Custom Builders

This home had me at hello with its soft, buttery yellow siding and the entire exterior design. I also loved the pebble stone fireplace surround in the living room. Such a chic, rustic touch. And then the custom banquette in the kitchen! How smart and creative is that built in bench?!? I loved that the interior designer took it one step further with the stripes down the center. Such a thoughtful touch. The bench also doubles as storage for additional kitchen towels and utensils. So smart!

The Madison by Mark Antony Homes

His homes never disappoint and are always the classic, chic homes of the Parade. I loved this great room vibe with the kitchen and family room. The designer used the same paint color in most of the first floor, keeping a continuous flow throughout the spaces. I loved the details on the dining chairs and the gray finish of the trellis table. The kitchen is huge and even features a custom window seat, which I loved! The fireplace is simple and elegant and I loved the deep hearth for baskets!

The Chardonnay by Pigliavento Builders

{This mirror is also a TV!! So cool!}

This home above was designed by my friend, Taylor. She did thoughtful, creative touches in the children’s spaces. Love the vintage look in both of these kid bedrooms!

The Glenwyke by Smolen Homes

This was one of the smallest homes at the Parade at about 2400 square feet. But bigger doesn’t always mean better and the builder and designer did a great job with thoughtful touches and precise details. The beams in the great room brought the spaces together and made this home shine! I loved the banquette that was tucked away in the kitchen. The cabinetry was beautiful and made this area so bright and energetic. I also loved the modern soaking tub with its sleek shape. And the boy’s bedroom was so cool with a full map on one wall! That would be a fun space for any child to hang out! 
The Brittany by Signature Crest Builders

Lighting can make or break a room and I thought the pendants over the kitchen island were fabulous! I also loved the locker style system for the mud room. Sneakers and sports equipment can easily be tucked away in the bottom compartment!
So there you have it… my review and favorite moments of this year’s Parade of Homes! If you haven’t stopped in yet, not to worry! It will be running until June 22nd. To learn more about the Parade of Homes before you head out, visit HERE.
Thank you so much to this year’s sponsors for gifting tickets for me and my mom to the Parade of Homes this year! We had a blast.