Thanksgiving Table Top Ideas

I know the stores have been stocked for months with Christmas decor, but we can’t forget about the beautiful holiday this week! Thanksgiving has been taking the back seat in stores and is almost forgotten about in the decorations aisle. It seems to go straight from Halloween to Christmas. I wanted to showcase one of my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving!! Today, I’ll show some of the most beautiful and simple table top ideas for your home. You might already know what your table will look like this year, but it’s not too late to add some of these pretty ideas.


center piece 1image via

You can add simple mason jars filled with a handful of mint leaves. It will add a thoughtful scent to your table. You can also sprinkle real or faux leaves along the center of the table. The colors are perfect for the occasion!

center piece 3image via

Adding simple greenery, candles on stump circles and a runner will set a nature inspired, welcoming mood.

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{Do you see a fresh greenery and candle pattern in this post?} I love the rustic simplicity of this idea! Adding small butcher block trays with snacks, fresh flower gatherings and magnolia garland makes this table so warm and welcoming.

center piece 5image via

I love this thoughtful idea! You can add a 12 inch strip of your favorite fall inspired ribbon and tie your silverware with it.

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I will be doing my own version of this idea! Although I won’t be hosting the actual Thanksgiving meal this year, I will have the family over that weekend. I love adding brown craft paper on the table for the kids {and really everyone} to add decorations, funny pictures and things they are thankful for. It’s practical for clean up, while also being a fun way for┬áthe kids to have fun when they have finished their meal.

Do you have any simple tips to add to the list?!?

My Fun, New Accessory by My Favorite Shop!

I love having a new accessory in our home… thinking about which room to style it in and just the excitement I get from collecting a new treasure, makes my day! My amazing sponsors, Anthology House, carry a stunning collection of high style vintage pieces for any room in your home. I am always on the hunt for a sculptural pretty brass accent piece to add to my space or a client’s space, and they are always my first stop! I thought it would be fun to select a piece from their shop to show you how I would incorporate it into my home. Since I love unique, versatile accent pieces that can be placed on a book shelf, table top or desk, I chose this beautiful brass rooster…

I recently put together a fall family brunch, and I decided to add my new treasure to the table’s decor!

{I guess I have a thing for roosters, since I spy one in my kitchen, too!} 

When it arrived in the mail, I was so impressed with my little rooster’s stature and how heavy and sturdy he was! This piece is solid brass and is so amazing in person. The shop owners, Amy and Alyse, did a wonderful job with the packaging, as it was very well wrapped and enclosed in the box. The package even included a sweet handwritten note and a shop tag with pretty coordinating ribbon string…

It’s definitely the details you notice and this shop is one of a kind. I am so happy to say that we share a partnership through this blog and I know this won’t be my last purchase from their amazing shop!! Speaking of my purchase, this also won’t be the last place you’ll see him… this accessory is so versatile, I will be placing him in many different spots this year. To find that perfect treasure for your home, visit their shop, HERE or click on the Anthology House logo on my blog’s sidebar!!

Happy Shopping !!!

Creative Ways to Use Leftover Pieces of Fabric

I recently entered a contest through Tonic Living, in which I made a project using leftover pieces of fabric. You could take the contest literally or come up with a creative use for the fabric scraps. Let’s get this little disclaimer out of the way, right now… I am not a DIY expert by any stretch of the imagination. I have always been in the camp of If I can do it, anyone can!! So I am here to show you my super simple and fun ways to use those leftover pieces of fabric you have.

Fabric Wrapped Pumpkins

For this project, I used an artificial pumpkin. {That’s important, so the decoration can be used year after year.} I just plopped the pumpkin in the middle of the fabric and started gathering up the sides to the stem. I used one of my pony tail holders I had laying around the house to keep the fabric pulled at the top. The fabric ended up being a little short on the sides. Not to worry, since it’s pretty easy to hide that with some tucking and folding. You will most likely get some bulging of the fabric in spots. I just took some sewing needles and pinned down the bulging sections, to get it to lay more flat. At first, it looks very messy. Don’t give up just yet… you can smooth the fabric down and display the side that looks prettier! I cut off some of the leftover fabric on top and used some brown grosgrain ribbon, to hide my pony tail holder. {I know I will be looking for that one morning, when I have a bad hair day!} All in the name of DIY, I guess. :)

Onto the next project… fabric wrapped canvas.

Fabric Wrapped Canvas

* Both fabric samples provided by Tonic Living *

At first, I had no idea how to tackle this one, since I don’t own a staple gun. I bought some spray fabric adhesive, but didn’t end up using it. I bought an 8×8 canvas board from a local fabric store and then got to work. I followed this tutorial HERE but used small nails instead of the staple gun. I just hammered the nails in the back.

-The key is to make sure the nails are very short, so they don’t poke through the canvas.

-You also must make sure you iron your fabric first, so you don’t have a wrinkly canvas art piece.

-You must also pull the fabric tight as you go along, so it ends up looking as if it was always a part of the canvas.

I thought that I had centered the fabric, but it’s a bit off. I told you I was no DIY expert!! The new canvas piece adds some texture, color and pattern to the back of the shelf.

So there you have it… about an hour of my time for two new accessories!

Have you crafted something recently?? Would love to hear about it!

Touches of Fall in Our Home

With the exception of Christmas, I like to make subtle seasonal and holiday changes in our home’s decor. Whether it’s a pretty pumpkin on our mantel or a leaf plate on the table, I like to keep things simple and easy. For me, I will be much more likely to repeat the decor the following year, if it is this way! Here are the very subtle touches of fall in our home…

I love the look of white pumpkins! I may have to pick up some more and add personal touches to them. More on that in another post! So from our house to yours…

Happy Fall !!

Our Fall Mantel

As promised, here are the pictures of our fall mantel. I kept some of the things as is… the wall clock, the windsor chair and ‘B’ candle. The new changes include branches from our front yard birch tree, a leaf plate and a mossy stone bird. Here is our nature inspired, fall mantel…

I also switched around some art and moved the graphic art piece from our wall to the mantel. I think it adds a modern touch to the natural, traditional elements. You may also notice the little plastic sticky pieces that are on the top of the mantel. A while back, I had a huge mirror on this mantel, and those sticky pieces were there to prevent the mirror from sliding. I should take them down, since I don’t need them anymore. Should have done that before the pictures…  :)

I love it when I can decorate using free things from around the house. The branches were easy to clip down from the tree, were free and instantly add a nature inspired accessory to the mantel.

Do you change out your mantel with the seasons?

Fall in Love With Fall

This is my favorite time of year! I love the crisp air, warm sweaters and the leaves turning colors. Why not put together some of my favorite images of fall to inspire us all to decorate for the season?!? Enjoy!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest
Source: via Amber on Pinterest

What a pretty season! Make sure to check back later this week to see how I decorated our front porch for fall!

Pops of Color

As fall approaches, I am reminded of certain color combinations that I love! We have dark brown walls in our living room and this is the time of year when I remember how much I love this wall color paired with deep fall hues: oranges, golds, magentas. Here are some of my favorite rooms where these pops of colors are used:

Source: via Simple on Pinterest

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year! I love the colors, the outdoor events and taking out my fun sweaters! These rooms definitely have me inspired to add some pops of color to my brown walled room.

What decor ideas are you inspired to do lately???