Using Bar Carts in Different Ways

I have been working with a local client {#projectcoastalchic} to add some warmth and texture to her family room. When you first enter the family room off of the kitchen, there is one large wall that also sits next to a door to the garage entrance. I thought it would be pretty and fun to add a little entry spot/organization station for resting your keys, mail and anything else they may need. There are fun ways to make a station like this both functional and beautiful. I instantly thought of using the Threshold bar cart from Target!

Not only can this be pulled out and used for entertaining guests, it will also be amazing to make this an organization station! We will be hanging a framed chalkboard above the cart, so the family can write down grocery lists, practice/game schedules and anything they need to know before heading out the door. When they have a large dinner party, this amazing cart on casters can be easily rolled into the kitchen/dining area for drinks and appetizers. It is without a doubt that bar carts are no longer a trend, but here to stay! Here are some creative ways to use this versatile furniture accent piece:


Here are fun ways to use them when not entertaining:

I think I may need to pick one up for myself! I love any and all carts, especially when they are brass!
What about you… do you think this trend is here to stay???

My Fun, New Accessory by My Favorite Shop!

I love having a new accessory in our home… thinking about which room to style it in and just the excitement I get from collecting a new treasure, makes my day! My amazing sponsors, Anthology House, carry a stunning collection of high style vintage pieces for any room in your home. I am always on the hunt for a sculptural pretty brass accent piece to add to my space or a client’s space, and they are always my first stop! I thought it would be fun to select a piece from their shop to show you how I would incorporate it into my home. Since I love unique, versatile accent pieces that can be placed on a book shelf, table top or desk, I chose this beautiful brass rooster…

I recently put together a fall family brunch, and I decided to add my new treasure to the table’s decor!

{I guess I have a thing for roosters, since I spy one in my kitchen, too!} 

When it arrived in the mail, I was so impressed with my little rooster’s stature and how heavy and sturdy he was! This piece is solid brass and is so amazing in person. The shop owners, Amy and Alyse, did a wonderful job with the packaging, as it was very well wrapped and enclosed in the box. The package even included a sweet handwritten note and a shop tag with pretty coordinating ribbon string…

It’s definitely the details you notice and this shop is one of a kind. I am so happy to say that we share a partnership through this blog and I know this won’t be my last purchase from their amazing shop!! Speaking of my purchase, this also won’t be the last place you’ll see him… this accessory is so versatile, I will be placing him in many different spots this year. To find that perfect treasure for your home, visit their shop, HERE or click on the Anthology House logo on my blog’s sidebar!!

Happy Shopping !!!

Entertaining In Style

With my good friend’s wedding coming up, I have parties and entertaining on the brain! I love the thoughtful, fun details that can go into a party, making it a memorable experience for all who attend. Her bridal shower was one of the most creative, beautiful parties I have ever been to. The family of the bride put so much thought and care into the handmade details. I thought I would share some fun, colorful and pretty entertaining ideas and tablescapes with you today. Enjoy!

All images via Rue
I love that desserts and treats look more like art when they are fun and colorful. The bold, bright pattern plates also make the desserts look that much more inviting. I definitely have to try the idea of wrapping veggies and treats in decorative paper. And party favors look so chic when placed inside a beautiful cloche. Pretty and fun ideas do not have to take a lot of time, and definitely do not go unnoticed!
What entertaining ideas do you love?