How I Present Designs to Local Clients

So many times in the past, I have shared e-design projects that I have completed and have discussed how I go about completing virtual design boards. Since I am now moving into servicing local clients as well, I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse of what goes into meeting and presenting to clients, in person. Our first official time meeting is usually in their house, where we discuss the space and what the client would like to change. Before meeting, the client has already filled out the same form I give virtual clients. Having this information ahead of time helps me go into the initial meeting, knowing a little bit about the space and what they are looking for. {They don’t have to fill out the entire form, since most of the questions will be covered in person, such as the floor plan. But, seeing the space ahead of time gets the brain turning a bit faster for me! Also, it gives them an idea for what we will be discussing at the initial meeting, so they feel a bit more prepared themselves.} I bring along a bag filled with my tape measure, additional questions and graph paper to draw out the floor plan.

Local Client Project #projectcoastalchic
I take as many pictures as possible, so I remember the space from every angle. I also take close up pictures of fabrics, accessories that they would like to keep in the space. For this family room project, the client would like to keep the Waverly fabric valances on the windows. I immediately went to the fabric store and bought a half yard of this fabric, so I can take it everywhere with me and compare it next to other suggested fabrics for the room. Next, I get to work at home, drawing out the floor plan and putting together the inspiration board. This board, which will be presented and given to the client, shows my design vision, floor plan options and some specific pieces chosen for the room. One of my best investments has been a staple gun! I use that to staple pretty fabric to the plain white canvas board, to make the presentation look more warm and welcoming. For this presentation, I chose a creamy duck canvas fabric that resembles the color of the drapes we will use in the space. I think it’s great to cover the board with a fabric that also ties into the presentation and compliments the design! And now, it’s presentation time…
Luckily, she loved it and we are now moving onto the installation part of the process, which I find so exciting. I live vicariously through my clients and get just as much joy as them, seeing their space come together and click. It also helps to have amazing inspiration to draw from and show the client, such as Emily’s bookshelves and Courtney’s warm living room
With e-design, once the client likes the vision, I move forward with the design board and get the second virtual presentation ready. With local clients, it’s now all about going into the space and creating the vision! The shopping, sourcing and styling all come into play now, which is so much fun! 
So that’s a little sneak peek into my design process. I know it’s different for every designer, but I have found that this works for me.  :)

Using Bar Carts in Different Ways

I have been working with a local client {#projectcoastalchic} to add some warmth and texture to her family room. When you first enter the family room off of the kitchen, there is one large wall that also sits next to a door to the garage entrance. I thought it would be pretty and fun to add a little entry spot/organization station for resting your keys, mail and anything else they may need. There are fun ways to make a station like this both functional and beautiful. I instantly thought of using the Threshold bar cart from Target!

Not only can this be pulled out and used for entertaining guests, it will also be amazing to make this an organization station! We will be hanging a framed chalkboard above the cart, so the family can write down grocery lists, practice/game schedules and anything they need to know before heading out the door. When they have a large dinner party, this amazing cart on casters can be easily rolled into the kitchen/dining area for drinks and appetizers. It is without a doubt that bar carts are no longer a trend, but here to stay! Here are some creative ways to use this versatile furniture accent piece:


Here are fun ways to use them when not entertaining:

I think I may need to pick one up for myself! I love any and all carts, especially when they are brass!
What about you… do you think this trend is here to stay???