Holiday Cheer

What a fun and busy time of year! I wanted to check in and show you some holiday inspiration and peeks at client projects. I haven’t gotten around to uploading pictures from this year’s holiday touches around my home, so let’s take a peek from last year…

holiday 2016 1


holiday 2016 2


holiday 2016 5

{I did the single ornament for this year’s decor, too!}

holiday 2016 3


Last year, we visited my in laws in Italy for Christmas and I love looking back at those photos…

italy 33

italy 15

italy 37

italy 34

italy 12

Oh, it was magical!! I’ve been working on some really fun design projects and I can’t wait to see them complete! Several will be all ready in the new year!!

mantel styling

Above is the mantel in #ProjectRusticGlam. This was such a fun room design and I can’t wait to show more!!

shelf styling

Above is a corner of a living room in #ProjectNeutralTrad. We are mid install here, with the shelf styling and getting the drapes ready to hang. Another fun one I can’t wait to share! Speaking of living rooms, we have new furniture in ours and we have been loving it. Extra time reading, playing games and lingering just a bit longer…

my living room


This is such a fun time of year and I know these weeks will fly by. Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for stopping in to visit my blog! I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you to my wonderful clients for trusting me with their homes. My newfound friendships with you are something I cherish! I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring! Have a safe and wonderful holiday season with those you love!!

Snippets of Our Holiday Home

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away! As always, this time of year is busy and fun. I didn’t get around to posting an entire holiday home tour, but wanted to show you little pieces of our home, decked out for Christmas. I like to keep things simple and add little doses of cheer around the house. Whether it’s one ornament on top of a book stack or Christmas beads placed in a dish- it’s all about the little unexpected surprises (and minimal pick up in January!) 😉 Truly, I just love to slow down and spend time with family at this time of year. That’s what it is all about! Enjoy!


holiday 2016 1

Nutcrackers- Target Last year

holiday 2016 2

Nutcracker collection- Target, Christmas Tree Shop, Dollar Store

holiday 2016 3

Marble & Wood Star Bookend- Target last year

holiday 2016 5


holiday 2016 4

Happy Holidays to you all! See you in 2017!

Bridge Street Source List

In my last post, I mentioned I had fun news to share with you today! I had the amazing opportunity to be on Channel 9 News with Bridge Street! The live segment aired this morning and I went on to talk about simple and fun ways to use some of those holiday decorations all year long.


bridge street photo 2


It was a blast having this opportunity! Sistina Giordana, the wonderful host that talked with me during the segment, was so warm and sweet. It really felt like talking with a friend that I have known for years. She put me at ease and I actually didn’t feel nervous during the segment. I wanted to include a source list here, of all of the different stores where I have purchased these accessories. It might be helpful if you are looking for Holiday accents this year, or if you want to get a head start and stock up for next season!

{Starting with the items on the right and working towards the left}

The cream chair we have in our living room. I love that it’s upholstered and on casters! The casters helped big time today, when we were moving it into and out of the studio. I also love that feature at home, too. The chair is from TJ Maxx and the festive plaid pillow and snowflake blanket are from Home Goods.

The bookshelf was a find from Target, a couple of years ago. The top of the bookshelf has my favorite faux deer head and photo board, also from Target. The snowman card is from Papyrus. I love that you can use this photo board all year long. It would be great on your kitchen counter for grocery lists and recipes! It would also work well in your family room for family pictures. Pictures would be so easy to change out, when you want to give it a little update! Target no longer carries the deer head {a purchase a couple of years ago}, but the photo board can still be found in their regular frame aisle!

The first shelf on the left shows one of my favorite design books, Elements of Style, by Erin Gates. I love the black and white stripes added into the Holiday mix! I have used the festive red Nutcracker accessories as bookends. They can be found in your local Target stores and come in green and aqua colors, as well.

The first shelf on the right shows a faux evergreen arrangement, wrapped in burlap. That was a TJ Maxx find. They have great Holiday accessories this time of year!

The middle shelf shows a cream tray I bought a few years ago in Target. This shelf also shows another favorite design book of mine… Habitat, by Lauren Liess. I also like to put out my Country Living Christmas book this time of year. It’s a perfect opportunity to have it front and center! The star bookend that sits on top of the books is from Target. There are still some left, in your local stores. I plan to keep this bookend out all year long. I ended up purchasing two, so my kids can each have one on their bookshelf. It’s a fun way to remind them that they are always our shining stars!

The bottom shelves hold two collapsible fabric storage bins from Target. I love using these concealing bins, so not every accessory has to go on display.

And last but not least, the small tree was a local find from Wegmans. It’s real and it smelled so good on the car ride to the studio! I placed it in a woven basket from Target, to bring a rustic charm to the tree. I then balanced the rustic accent with pretty pearl garland from an amazing local shop, Hafner’s. I love to support local businesses and support shopping local. Hafner’s is the quintessential Holiday experience this time of year. I plan to keep this garland up all year long and place it in a glass bowl for our coffee table. It’s just too pretty to put away!

If you would like to watch today’s Bridge Street segment, visit HERE!!




Thanksgiving Table Top Ideas

I know the stores have been stocked for months with Christmas decor, but we can’t forget about the beautiful holiday this week! Thanksgiving has been taking the back seat in stores and is almost forgotten about in the decorations aisle. It seems to go straight from Halloween to Christmas. I wanted to showcase one of my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving!! Today, I’ll show some of the most beautiful and simple table top ideas for your home. You might already know what your table will look like this year, but it’s not too late to add some of these pretty ideas.


center piece 1image via

You can add simple mason jars filled with a handful of mint leaves. It will add a thoughtful scent to your table. You can also sprinkle real or faux leaves along the center of the table. The colors are perfect for the occasion!

center piece 3image via

Adding simple greenery, candles on stump circles and a runner will set a nature inspired, welcoming mood.

center piece 4image via

{Do you see a fresh greenery and candle pattern in this post?} I love the rustic simplicity of this idea! Adding small butcher block trays with snacks, fresh flower gatherings and magnolia garland makes this table so warm and welcoming.

center piece 5image via

I love this thoughtful idea! You can add a 12 inch strip of your favorite fall inspired ribbon and tie your silverware with it.

center piece 6image via

I will be doing my own version of this idea! Although I won’t be hosting the actual Thanksgiving meal this year, I will have the family over that weekend. I love adding brown craft paper on the table for the kids {and really everyone} to add decorations, funny pictures and things they are thankful for. It’s practical for clean up, while also being a fun way for the kids to have fun when they have finished their meal.

Do you have any simple tips to add to the list?!?

Our Holiday Home Tour

I have finally put together a little Holiday home tour for the blog. Better late than never, right? This year’s tour has more little snippets of our home, instead of full room reveals. Less is sometimes more, I guess! Let’s get right to it, starting with our tree…

We also have a wreath on most windows, but my camera skills are not very good when taking pictures into the sunlight. Our fridge is full of sweet treats and festive food and we are ready for this year’s Holiday season!

Wishing you a safe and Happy Holiday!!

Write a Valentine’s Note with Bic Magic Markers

Would you like to remind your Valentine how much you love them?? A representative from Bic Magic Markers contacted me recently about trying their marker product that adheres to glass surfaces. I have always wanted to try writing on mirrors and I am now addicted! I thought this is the perfect time of year to write little love messages around the house! Since it is a non toxic, water based marker, clean up is easy with just a wet cloth. I have been having fun writing on all of the mirrors in our home…

They come in other fun, vibrant shades like blue and florescent yellow and I chose the colors above for my valentines!

Writing this in our foyer mirror will make me smile as we head out the door! The red turned out more like a deep coral, which I love! I think it matches the pillow very nicely.

Not only can these markers be used for Valentine’s Day, they are also perfect for birthday parties! My daughter will be celebrating hers soon and she wanted the party room to have a personal message for her big day. {She picked out the phrase, color and design that I wrote. Future crafter/decorator in the making??} The marker used above was the pink.

I went even more crazy and used the white on our living room mirror…

They were exactly right when they said it will wipe off easily with a wet cloth. It couldn’t have been simpler…

After it was wiped off

I know I will continue to use these for many more events or just to have fun. Through the end of February, you can purchase these markers at a discounted price of $5 at Staples! For that price, you can either get the 1 pack jumbo chisel or two pack bullet tip.

Happy Writing !!!

Thank you to the representative from Bic which supplied the materials for this craft project

Placing Ornaments Everywhere But the Tree

I have said in previous posts that I like to use ornaments in unexpected ways. With a plethora of ball ornaments in our home, I love sprinkling them throughout the house. It spreads the holiday cheer in all rooms and is a simple, fun way to decorate. Here’s a reminder of our holiday decor, with ornaments spread around the home…

Our Living Room

Our Dining Room

And just added today, in our family room

I love when the morning sunshine comes through this room!

How about you… do you use ornaments in unexpected places??

This Year’s Simple & Yummy Teacher Gifts

With gift giving, I have always remembered it’s the thought that counts. The gift idea doesn’t have to be elaborate or cost a lot of money to be thoughtful and special. I went simple {but yummy} for this year’s holiday teacher gifts.

You can buy canning jars in bulk and simply add festive candies and a colorful bow! It’s fun, cheerful and colorful. Best part is, the chocolates are delicious. Of course, I had to try them out, first. 😉

Here are some other great teacher gift ideas {or for a friend/hostess, etc.}…

Simple and creative ideas the teachers {or any friend} will love and appreciate!
What are some of your go to gift ideas??

Our 2013 Holiday Home Tour

There is a reason that there’s a popular song called, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… I love the holiday season and getting the house festive and ready. Although it can be a stressful, busy time of year, I am trying to forget all of that as much as possible and focus on the fun of the season. So, kick back and enjoy our holiday touches this year…

Handmade cards given by my grandmother every year, sit out on display 

Even our head planter got in on the fun with a festive necklace! 

There I go again, with ornaments on every spot but the tree! (We actually have a lot on the tree, too!) 

As you can see, I love using ornaments in unexpected places. They work on chandeliers, hurricane vases, trays and even a small china plate. I have also used them as place card settings, applying the guest’s name on the ornament with a paint pen! The best part of that idea?? The guest can take the ornament home as a memento of the occasion! I also love to hang wreaths anywhere a clear command hook will take them! Command hooks are a life saver around the holidays, because they are not permanent and will not ruin your walls, glass or any surface when they are removed. I’m sure I will be back soon with more holiday touches. I even add new vignettes a few days before Christmas. Somebody stop me!  😉

There is still time to enter the giveaway for the $50 gift card to True Value Hardware and a free Pattern with Pattern Pod. Enter HERE!!

A Holiday Re Cap, Sneak Peek of Our Office & A New E – Design Project

Phew… it seems like a very long time since I have written a post! I wanted to catch you up on a few things that have kept me busy these last couple of weeks. First up, we had a lovely Thanksgiving over at my mom’s house. It’s one of her favorite holidays to host and as always, she did a fantastic job…

The pretty dotted place cards come with a marker that allows you to erase and write again, so you can always change up the names for each party! The kids and I have started a tradition a few years back, where we make the apple pie and bring it to the holiday meal!

That might have been our best pie, yet! I have also been busy painting our office. It still had the builder grade white paint that wasn’t durable at all. I decided to paint it Halo, by Benjamin Moore. It’s such a gorgeous light gray/green color and is also what we used in our dining room!

If you follow me on instagram (amberbinteriors), then you may have seen these photos already…

After about a week of looking at the newly painted walls, I finally mustered up the courage to put new nail holes in them! I decided to install a full wall gallery wall in the office. It’s amazing how tall a room looks when covering a wall, head to toe in art. You might think that it clutters a room, when it actually has the opposite effect. I also just finished working on a client’s office space. My client uses her office to sew, draw sketches and create! She loves neutral grays infused with bright pops of color. This is the result…

She wanted a huge craft table in the space, so I found a way to create one to mimic the inspiration table in the middle of the design board. By using white Ikea expedit cubes and a white laminate counter, a custom craft table will come to life! There will also be a fun gallery wall in her space, as well…

I love the way Audrey Hepburn’s scarf ties the room’s color palette together. And I think that turquoise Chanel print will fit very well in this room!

So, that sums up two weeks, in a nutshell! I hope I have not lost most of you with my sporadic posting lately. I have been having a hard time creating a consistent schedule on the blog, over the last couple of months. I know we all go through a bit of a blog drought from time to time. But I am excited to be back in full swing this month, with lots of holiday ideas to share!