Placing Ornaments Everywhere But the Tree

I have said in previous posts that I like to use ornaments in unexpected ways. With a plethora of ball ornaments in our home, I love sprinkling them throughout the house. It spreads the holiday cheer in all rooms and is a simple, fun way to decorate. Here’s a reminder of our holiday decor, with ornaments spread around the home…

Our Living Room

Our Dining Room

And just added today, in our family room

I love when the morning sunshine comes through this room!

How about you… do you use ornaments in unexpected places??


  1. Lovely. They are so easy to decorate with.

  2. I love that picture of your family room with the sunlight coming in! This year, I set up a small Christmas tree with white lights only and little bits of holiday ornaments here and there.

    P.S. LOVE the wall color in your family room.

  3. I love Christmas, and with the ornaments, I can fill it! I love the way the Christmas balls fit in a place where you put it. Mind to say that the painting is absolutely artistic? I never regret to say happy holidays, even it’s too late to say. – Bali Hut Super Store

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