{Before and After} Project Colorful Oasis

Everyone loves a good before and after, right?!? Well it’s a very happy Friday then, because I have a complete overhaul to show you! When my client found this apartment, we started from scratch. She wasn’t bringing any furniture from her other home, so we had fun creating a new colorful oasis that she shares with her husband! She knew she wanted the living area to be fun, with loads of color and personality. For the master bedroom, she wanted a calm retreat to relax in at the end of the day. We wanted the home to have personal photos from their travels and an overall space that felt meaningful and personal to them. The before pictures show the apartment when we first met. The wheels were already turning for what this new home could be. And luckily, I had my friend and super talented photographer Ana with me for the final photos! We have worked together before and Ana Gil Taylor Photography knows how to make a space shine! So here we go… enjoy the before and afters of Project Colorful Oasis!!

Living Room Before


Before 5


Before 1


Living Room After

ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0872


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0849


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0871


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0848


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0845


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0857


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0866


Before Living Room TV Wall

Before 2


And After

ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0886


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0842


With this apartment rental, there were elements we couldn’t change and had to work around, like the fire alarm, sprinkler system and venting. But we tried to distract the eye as best as possible, by instead drawing you in to look at the oversized artwork and other colorful elements in the space. Luckily, the apartment already had a great paint color! We worked with that, as it was a great base for the design.

Before Master Bedroom

Before 3


Before 4


After Master Bedroom

ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0929


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0984


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0941


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0948


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0935


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0975


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0946


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0988


ana gil-taylor Headshots photographer-0982


Thank you so much for reading and checking out this transformation! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here soon with more details from this apartment makeover!

All after photos by the incredible Ana Gil Taylor Photography