Add Some Flowers!

Just when we thought spring weather was around the corner over here, it started snowing today! It doesn’t show any sign of letting up, so I thought it would be fun to bring spring inside. The best way I know how to do that, is with a vase of fresh flowers. Flowers instantly warm up a room, any time of year. I am always drawn to the flower section of our grocery store, because I know what an impact they make to any room in your home. When I had our home and Project Vintage Gem photographed, I added some fresh flowers to most of the spaces. Boy did that make a difference! That and the wonderful photography talents of Sarah Heppell. :) So, here’s a round up of rooms that bring that spring time vibe, even if it’s freezing cold where you are!!

Our Home

quote 2


flowers 1

{hydrangeas and tulips are always my go to flowers of choice!!}

flowers 2


flowers 3

Project Vintage Gem

project vg 3


project vg 47


sconce 1


project vg 15

Amber B Design, Photos by Sarah Heppell

So if you are in need of some spring or you just want a cheerful change, add some fresh flowers today!!


{Trendspotting} Whimsical Design

If you follow me on instagram {AmberBInteriors}, then you know we just got about 6 more inches of snow last night! Really?? I am definitely ready for spring. So even if we don’t have spring weather here yet, I can think about warm days through design ideas. The new trend in interiors is leaning more towards whimsical florals. I love the sweet, inviting charm of flowers in any form. Here are some great ways to splash some whimsical design into your home…

Not many people can pull off florals as well as Bailey!
Flowers can also be incorporated in just the accessories, like the two images above. The above living room is awakened with vases of fresh flowers!
 Our foyer
Have you embraced the floral trend?? Large or small doses?
When I presented my dilemma HERE about what to line the back of my secretary shelves with, blog friend Emily suggested in her comments to find a bright floral paper to brighten up the dark wood. I love the idea and I’m on the hunt! 

Adding Coastal Charm for Summer

I love to make changes around our home seasonally… it just awakens the space and gets you ready for the season. We are well into summer now, so I thought I would show you some changes around our home. Better late than never, right??  :)

A Nautical Inspired Wreath

This wreath was made with a craft store wreath form, ivory yarn and striped ribbon. I hung it on our door with some twine, for a nautical touch. This second image was taken in June, when we still had our cottage roses in bloom. They last for such a short time… I miss them! You can see a glimpse of the wreath from here. (To tell the truth, I showed this picture so I can see those roses again!)
Framed Sailboats

We actually keep this print up all year, but you can easily swap out images for different seasons. This picture was taken on a trip to Boston. I had it printed in black and white at Wal Mart and framed it in this floating frame from Target. I just suggested this frame in black for a client. It’s a great piece, because you can still see the wallpaper and it can hold any image up to 11×13! This picture is an 8×10.
A Touch of Coral and a Beach Sign in the Background

And a newer picture, without the rug:

Coral is fun to add to any space. It looks great printed on a pillow or as sculptural art on your table or shelf. This coral is from Pottery Barn, and I am constantly changing its home! Actually, it’s not on the dining table anymore! More on that later… 
As I was writing this post, I realized the beach sign above our kitchen window also showed in the image. Another way to incorporate a summer look!
Let’s take one more close up of those roses. See you again next year, cottage roses!

Even if you’re landlocked, you can easily bring some coastal charm to your home! Clipping a few of these blooms and bringing them into your home is another great way to add some summer charm to your space.

What are your favorite summer decor additions??