Featured in Chatelaine

I am excited to announce that my mom’s popular stair redo has become even more famous, with international notoriety! My mom’s chevron painted stairs that I first blogged about HERE was part of an article Chatelaine put together for how to style your staircase. Chatelaine is a leading Canadian lifestyle magazine and web site. Here it is on their amazing web site…

Congratulations, mom! Her stunning stair transformation first made major publication news when it was featured in Woman’s World magazine. If you missed that, I blogged about it HERE. I just keep telling her she’s going to need to start a blog of her own with these great projects! If you want to see more stylish ways to transform your stairs, make sure you check out the article!

Picture Outtakes from Woman’s World Magazine Feature

When Woman’s World magazine contacted me about including my mom’s stairs in a spring feature, they asked if I could reshoot the pictures to include yellow flowers. The article was about a black + white + yellow color scheme and we were missing the cheery yellow color. So after picking up pretty yellow spider mums from a local florist, I went crazy taking a bunch of pictures and trying out a few different pots and vases. I wanted to make sure they had plenty of options to choose from! The editor mentioned choosing a fairly neutral pot, so the stairs and color scheme would take center stage.

First, let’s look at the picture that did make the cut…

And here is a sampling of the many, many pictures I took over the course of two days…

´╗┐See- I told you I gave plenty of options! You would be shocked to know how many other pictures there are, too! Sometimes, you only get one chance to make a good impression, so you might as well go for it and do the best you can. It’s so fun being able to share this magazine experience with my mom, since we have loved design together for so long. A huge thanks to the hubby for surprising me with a new camera a few days before, which made this all so much fun! I loved trying out the new camera, as you can tell. :) To see my post about the magazine feature, go here.

A Woman’s World Magazine Feature!

I have to pinch myself a bit to actually believe this just happened, but I’m mentioned in this week’s issue of Woman’s World Magazine!! It is all just so surreal.

I’ll back up a bit and explain how this all came to be. It all started when we were at my mom’s house over Christmas. She had just completed these amazing chevron stairs, and I wanted to write a blog post about it. I posted about it here {on Christmas Eve} and used the pictures my brother had taken with his phone. The pictures started to move around pinterest, which is how the magazine’s home decorating editor found out about this project. Jodi Kahn, the amazing editor I worked with, reached out to me and asked if they could include my mom’s stairs in a spring issue about a black + white + yellow color scheme. The only problem was the original pictures had beautiful poinsetta plants on the stairs, which is a winter flower. They were looking for a spring look. So they asked if I wouldn’t mind taking the pictures again with some bright yellow flowers. I got right to it and found some gorgeous spider mums at a local florist. {My first ‘photo shoot’!} We tried out a few different vases/planters, and they chose to include the milk vases you see above, for the magazine. {They were a great find at Target, by the way!}

I would like to give a huge thank you to my mom for allowing us into her home  and giving the go ahead for this project to be included in a national magazine! And a huge thank you to Jodi Kahn, the home decorating editor for Woman’s World, who was so great to work with!

I will be back soon with a gallery of picture outtakes from my ‘photo shoot’!

New Pillow Alert and Last Day for Giveaway!!

Some changes are being made at the Simple Dwellings household! One of them being a new pillow for the guest room! I have spoken about my redesign plans for our guest room here and here, and this is the first purchase for the room! The color works well with the walls, which are Yarmouth Blue, by Benjamin Moore. I have some plans for the wall behind the bed- an idea from the wonderful Sherry of Design Indulgence. She designed a bedroom with this wall color and added two wide horizontal stripes in a creamy white to the wall behind the bed. I thought this idea was brilliant and a great way to add some interest and make this a focal wall. The rest of this room will have accessories in navy, green and yellow. So, this room is moving along very well in my head! But I do have one problem… when I brought this pillow home, it also works really well in our living room! What’s a girl to do? Maybe I could just keep it in our living room while there are no guests! This way, I can see it every day. When the guests arrive, I can quickly place it back upstairs as if the guest room always looks put together!

I like that the pillow is two sided- I can change up the look when I want something different! It is a Dwell Studio for Target pillow and was bought with a birthday gift card! (Thanks so much, mom!) I love Dwell Studio’s prints, and of course- the price! So, this little beauty just might have a place downstairs for a while- it’s just between me and you, right?

And today is the last day for the fabulous giveaway from Olive Leaf Stencils! You can enter until 11:59pm EST. Click here to enter!