Project Vintage Gem – The Reveal Part 4

Welcome back to the final installment of Project Vintage Gem! Today, it’s all about the foyer. My client has a pretty small foyer and we wanted to make it as functional as possible. We wanted to add storage, a place to sit down and a spot for the litter box. You may be worried when you hear that a litter box is going in the main foyer, but no fear… it came out pretty cool and blends right in with the vintage/rustic charm we wanted for her home. Let’s get right to the pictures! It was a tough space to photograph, because of the lack of natural light and compact size. But yet again, Sarah Heppell worked her photography magic!

Heading to the foyer from the living room…

project vg 46

project vg 45

project vg 44

project vg 42

project vg 41

Project vg foyer

project vg foyer 2

project vg foyer 3

For a quick before and after, here is how the space was when we began…




I actually forgot the electric box was on that wall! We strategically hung the mirror there, to cover it up!


project vg 45

project vg foyer 2

After photos by Sarah Heppell

A huge credit goes to my client for finding the custom litter box cover on etsy! It really works with the home’s design aesthetic. We always need functional design too, right?!? Thank you all for your encouraging and sweet feedback from this project. It was truly amazing to work on and I am so thankful to my client for allowing me to share this journey on the blog.


  1. Amber! It’s gorgeous! Seriously cozy and pretty.

  2. Amber, I have been loving your peeks of this project on IG and was looking forward to this morning to pop over and check out your blog updates…..and WOW!!!!! I could stay here all morning looking at all these beautiful spaces you’ve created!! The bones of this apartment are gorgeous – that brick wall and tall windows – but you really worked your magic in here!! I love all the rustic wood, art, lamps, pillows… beautiful!! Your client must be thrilled. I would love to live there!

    • Wow, Lisa!! Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. It was such a fun project to work on and I was sad to see it come to an end. I now can feel like I’m visiting the home again through these pictures!

  3. Love your work, now I really want that mirror! Would you mind sharing where you found it, thanks a million!

  4. Thanks so much, Sandy! The mirror was actually a home goods find. Thanks for reading!

  5. KAthy harris says:

    Amber, this project is truly amazing! In all the browsing I’ve done, this one spoke to me as being EXACTLY what I want! I have brick walls in my tiny studio in West LA. I’ve been stuck with how to change it up, even though it’s following a similar direction. My question is: do you refer to where I could find the pieces (blue map, beige linen settee in dining, just as examples)? Perhaps you don’t reveal these sources, but I thought I’d ask. I’m so glad I discovered you (from Emily A. Clark’s blog site). I’m so happy to follow you!

  6. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for your comment and for following my blog. I am so excited to hear you came over from Emily’s. Welcome! When I source for clients, I try to shop both on line and in local stores. The blue map print was found on Grandin Road, an on line site. The settee was from Ballard Designs, also on line. I like to use those stores. I also shop often at West Elm and etsy. I hope this helps! Your questions makes me think that I should gather a blog post soon, of all of my favorite stores. :)

    • KAthy harris says:

      A blog post of your favorite stores/resources is a great idea. Thanks for the info on the map and settee. I believe I saw the settee used in one of your other projects, so it’s definitely a versatile piece (I want!). Thanks for your reply. All the best!

      • KAthy harris says:

        I actually purchased the rug, but got myself crossed and ordered the one from the Outlet (which wasn’t Navy but more slate blue). I also wish I could have afforded the 8×10 as the rug runs a little longer but not as wide as typical can 5×8. Never fear! I will make it work! Going to get permanent marker in Navy and go at the slate blue while watching TV. That’s just what you have to do when unemployed and no money in the budget to do more! Where there’s a will, there’s a way is my motto! Your blog was a turning point for my decorating direction! Now, if I can just squeeze the nickel enough to get the decahedron coffee table from West Elm! (sigh) xo

        • When there’s a will, there’s a way! Absolutely! I am so excited to hear that you were inspired by this post. :) Happy decorating!!

          • KAthy harris says:

            Yes, Amber, it was really the impetus I needed! Being a decorator for 30+ years, I tend to have the hardest time figuring out what direction I want to go to make changes. Clients? That’s fun and easy, even though challenging. So, I plan to buy the coffee table from West Elm and incorporate something similar to your altar table behind the sofa with my favorite blue & white collected porcelain pieces (B&W is my obsession). The decahedron coffee table and the rug will bring the modernality in a subtle way w/o breaking the bank. And even though I sew professionally, I’ve decided to treat myself to pillow forms I fell in love with. No time for shopping at sources lately as having spinal surgery this month. Nothing bad, but will be 100% & no more back pain. Can’t wait, actually because I’ve been mostly flat on my back for about a month or so. That’s how I found you by having so much time to go surfing the web! Anyhow, thank you very much for helping me move ahead, even though it’s not a huge change. But, it makes me feel like reinventing myself again! See you on the blog pages! 💖

  7. Amber, what a fantastic space! I agree with your prior comment, that rug in the living space IS everything! Checked west elm due to your previous reply, but didn’t find it there. Do you mind sharing a source? Thanks!

  8. Hi Carrie. Thanks for reading! The master bedroom rug is from West Elm, but the plaid living room rug is actually from Dash and Albert. Is the living/dining space the rug you are referring to?

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