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Welcome back to another Why This Works post… a series where I show a designed space and talk about why it works so well! This living space is designed by Collins Interiors and is the perfect coastal inspired design to show in the summer! Enjoy…


why this works post

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What immediately gets me is this laid back, classic, coastal space that exudes warmth and personality! It is stylish and traditional, but has this fun, spirited and modern appeal as well. I love the neutral backdrop mixed in with the colorful art and furniture. Without having the gorgeous patterned chair, periwinkle blue velvet sofa and lively art work, this room would look completely different. The light walls, neutral rug and white drapes create a great balance with the whimsical accents. I love mixing wood and metal in a room and the different side tables bring a casual feel that allows this space to feel warm and inviting. And the nearby room?!? Wow! I love the black window trim and white beams. It’s all in the details!

Overall, this space works! What are your thoughts???


  1. I love the room though it is beachy for the midwest. Love blue. My question concerns the carpet. I notice many rooms have hardwood and spacious carpets that cover most of the hard wood. What are your thoughts on wall-to-wall with some of these flat woven carpets like the one pictured. Are any of these fibers available in yard goods and would they be durable?

    • Hi Donna. Thanks for your comment! If you have wall to wall carpeting, you can definitely add a flat weave carpet on top. It adds texture and pattern. Great idea! There are many flat weave carpets that are soft and durable. I like the rugs that have a jute/chenille combination. The jute makes it very durable! Good luck!

  2. So beautiful. I especially love the large Art , more so if children are the artist.

  3. It works because it is a classic. Everybody knows this set in place. And everybody loves the colors!

  4. Kathleen Tweed says:

    I think it was so brave to go with the blue sofa and chairs – I would have been so afraid! But boy is this room beautiful! So unexpected and different from anything you usually see. Love it Amber!

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