Am I Eclectic, or Just Confused?

I have been thinking a lot lately about my personal design style. I admire and appreciate so many decor ideas and styles, that I sometimes wonder if I have one particular look that is, and always will be, me. One day, I might love classic style, and daydream about tufted, linen upholstery, detailed white moldings and beadboard ceilings. Then on other days, I might linger over emerald fabrics, gold accents and glossy white ceramic antlers hanging on my gallery wall. I also love preppy plaids, bold stripes and herringbone floors. I also love mid century lines, with simple furniture construction, such as the beautiful tulip table and ayers chair. My point is, I am all over the map when it comes to personal design taste. I guess one doesn’t have to choose any one style over the other. Am I more trendy than classic, more rustic than sleek- or just a blend of them all? Personal style can be a blend of everything, old and new- without the mindset that you have to pick an era or go with just one or two looks. And of course, your tastes do change over time. I know that I love modern style more now, than I did 5 years ago. When it comes to personal style- why not incorporate them all? Afterall, I guess that really brings you to your own unique, personal style. If you decorate your home based on the things you absolutely love, can you really be wrong? I don’t think so! If you adore and use everything in your home, it reflects you and nobody else! I guess the word trendy is just a personal opinion. If you love it- keep it! That’s the mindset that I am at today! I’m not ready to pin myself down- I love it all! Here is my style (depending on the day):

Source: via Simple on Pinterest

All of these styles, when put together, would make a pretty fun home! When combined together, I guess I am a blend of traditional and modern, with a bold, eclectic mix!

What are your thoughts- are you all over the design map, or do you know your exact style?