Just Some Updates…

I purchased the curtain tie backs for the foyer panels and hope to have that installed today! But I do have some new updates to show you for now… I finally put a down filled insert into the foyer pillow. I can’t say enough about how important it is to use down filled inserts whenever you can! I am guilty of this too, but have seen the error of my ways. I was being lazy and cheap, thinking I could just throw a poly filled insert in and be done with it. I thought I was saving money, when actually, they’re about the same price! Jo Ann Fabrics sells 20″ poly filled inserts for about $18 when not on sale. That’s exactly what I paid at Pottery Barn for the down filled! The look is so much better and more inviting! Here is the pillow with a poly fill…


And here is the same pillow, but with the down filling…


So much better! I also want to add how much better a photo can look with proper natural lighting. It brightens up the space and looks so much more cheerful when you can take pictures on bright, sunny days.

While at Pottery Barn picking up the insert and curtain tie backs, I came upon this lovely turquoise accessory. I have had my eye on this for a while, but didn’t want to pay full price. When I saw it on sale a while back, I still wasn’t convinced. Then, I thought it was sold out for a while, until I hunted and found a bunch on clearance for $13! It was meant to be and proudly sits in our living room…

The coral that was once there is now on our secretary desk in the same room. I needed something to fill this space in between our lamps, and this pop of color was the perfect choice. I pulled this color from our suzani print pillows in the foyer. Sprinkling the same palette throughout the home unifies the spaces. It also makes it easier to move accessories from room to room when you are bored with the current location!

Have you made any new updates to get you ready for spring??

{Before and After} An X Bench is a Better Fit

I recently posted about my pom pom fringe curtains, and as I was looking at the pictures, I noticed the bench was now a bit too long. Well, I actually noticed it when seeing it in front of me, but the pictures drove the point home even more. It was time for the bench to go somewhere else in the house and this spot needed a smaller seat. Here is what the foyer looked like about two days ago…


The curtains were being pushed to the side by the bench. Once we install the tiebacks for the drapery panels, I think it would be that much more apparent. I love the bench and its new home. It is now in the guest room, where it be a great spot to place towels, small suitcases, etc. And here is the new option…


I have had my eye on this X bench for a while. It was finally on clearance at Target, and I scooped up the last one! Originally on sale for $69 and I bought it for $41!! I love their Threshold line of accessories and small furniture pieces. Yet again, Target is brining their ‘A’ game! The seat is actually much deeper than the black bench, so it will be much more comfortable when taking off shoes. We will actually use this one! And if I ever feel the need to move it around, X benches are one of those versatile pieces that will work anywhere. I love seeing two under a console and at the foot of the bed. Since I have only one, it will also work great as a side table, with the additon of a small tray. You may have noticed that I also switched out the pillow for the suzani print. I brought up this conversation on instagram, and my blog friend Holly liked the suzani option here better. I would have to agree, so here it is! In my last post about my master bedroom, I mentioned that if you keep a fairly consistent color scheme throughout your home, you will easily be able to switch out accessories from room to room. I was mainly referring to this pillow. Since I have had this suzani print pillow, I have been pulling colors from it and sprinkling it throughout the home. This new bench has the same coral color as in the pillow, the living room wall color has the same brown, the secretary desk lamp has the same turquoise, etc. This way, I can easily shop around my home without worry if it will work in each room.

Still to do… add the curtain tie backs and replace the polyester pillow insert with a down filled option. Always a better alternative! Oh yeah, and paint the stair railing black! And that door in the last picture, too. So much to do, so little time!

{Before and In Progress} Curtains Are on the Sidelights!

A while back, I mentioned that I wanted to add a decorative option to cover our sidelights. When we first moved in, we had stationary sidelight panels, but that didn’t give us the option to move them during the day. I wanted a more modern approach for covering these windows, that would also be moveable and let the light in. When I came across these inspiration photos, I knew this would work for us…

Adding drapery panels was such a clever and stylish way to add privacy. My walls are wallpapered and busy, so I knew I didn’t want patterned drapery panels. I decided to try my own take on this project! Here is the before shot of our foyer…


And here are the afters in progress, with the curtaind rod and panels…


I say in progress, because I still plan on installing some sort of tie backs for the panels. I ended up using the same panels that are in our kitchen and family room, but I added pom pom fringe for a special, fun touch. The curtain panels are from Target and are the Farrah Curtain Panels in Cream. They can be found here. I ordered the panels in size 54×95 so I could hang the rod high and near the ceiling. I think it helps to draw your eye up and create more space when you can mount your curtain rod as high as possible. I will be back next week for a full tutorial on adding the pom pom fringe!

To all who are celebrating Easter tomorrow, have a wonderful, special day!! We plan to do just that!

A Design Board Comes to Life!

I was over the moon excited when I saw some amazing progress photos from one of my recent clients.  Melissa, who writes a great DIY blog, The Happier Homemaker, was the winner of an e-design giveaway that I did a while back.  She wanted some ideas for her master bedroom.  She was looking to make the space feel serene, light and relaxing. Melissa is off to a great start, as she has already painted the room and replaced the lamp shades. She is calling this Phase 1, and here is a little before and after in progress…


Afters in Progress:

All photos were taken from her blog here.

Melissa did an amazing paint job!! We went with Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore. It’s a very soothing shade of blue/gray and helps tie in the warm woods and neutral rug with the gray and white bedding. I suggested she also paint the tray ceiling, drawing your eye up. It’s a great way to take full advantage of the beautiful height in the room. We also replaced the bedside lamp shades with modern, drum shades. I love the subtle difference! We have plans to incorporate a gallery wall around her TV, to make the TV feel like art in the space. It’s a great visual trick! I am so excited to see these Phase 1 photos. To follow the progress on this space and read more about this transformation, follow her blog here!

The Foyer Wallpaper is Up – Before and Afters Revealed!

I am so excited to write this post- the wallpaper is up! It has been a long journey, as I have been thinking about adding wallpaper to my home for the last year. I went back and forth on what to do and couldn’t be happier for taking the plunge! I also love the look of stencil and thought about that for this space. But being a foyer, I thought this might be the best place to try wallpaper, as it is a heavy traffic area. My mom taught me some of her great tips, since this was my first wallpaper application! The hubby also helped as my wing man and the results are pretty good- it was actually easier than I anticipated. I will end this post with some wallpaper hanging tips, but for now, let’s get to the before and afters!


The walls in the foyer were painted Powell Buff by Benjamin Moore. The color was a nice, soft neutral, but I wanted a dramatic change. The wallpaper that I chose is a large print damask and can be found here. I searched and searched and finally found a pretty great deal. I don’t have anything up on the walls yet, because I want to be 100% sure about what I hang up- I’m still a little afraid to put holes in the wallpaper! I have had some ideas for the coat rack corner: while the red coat rack is practical, I am looking for a change. I was thinking of replacing it with a bench, some pillows and a large intricate mirror above the bench. What are your thoughts?? And for the large wall leading into the kitchen, I was thinking about hanging a gallery of empty frames in a glossy black finish. Those are my ideas for now.
And now for some wallpaper hanging tips:
1. I found some very helpful articles here.
2. Thoroughly read the directions that come with the wallpaper. The most important one was to alternate rolls when hanging the panels. Let’s say you have 2 rolls you are working with: the best way to save on pattern repeat and paper is to use roll 1, then 2. I would go back and forth that way, and it was amazing how much paper I saved. This damask print had a 20 1/2 inch repeat, which could lead to a lot of waste when you are matching up the pattern for your next panel.
3. Before placing your paper in the water, clearly mark which end is the top. I would use a pencil and write “top” on the back. This way, you know you won’t forget!
There we have it! Check back soon, to see how the accessories are placed. Do you have any ideas for what to hang on the walls?

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