The Horse Print is Up!

I am so excited today… our horse print is framed and is already up on the wall! I have been stalking calling Hobby Lobby to check on when it was set to arrive in the store. I even said to the saleswoman on the phone today, can you tell I am a little excited?? I knew it was going to be beautiful when she asked {over the phone} if she could have it?!?  :) Let’s get right to the pictures, shall we?

I am so glad I went with the lighter, foggy print. It blends in, yet still makes you take notice. I thank my readers for their help on that one! The gray driftwood frame also brings a rustic quality to the print and I think it works well with the equestrian photo. I am really pleased with the quality of work in the framing from Hobby Lobby. It took about two weeks to get it back, but it was well worth the wait. I really searched around frame shops for the best price, and Hobby Lobby was the least expensive by far. And I didn’t even have to sacrifice quality to get a better price! And now to discuss the artist’s work… I am blown away by the talent of etsy seller Jennifer Meyers, from her shop, Apples and Oats. She does an amazing job capturing these beautiful animals in a way that is ethereal and whimsical. The title of this print is Once Upon A Dream and can be found here. That is the perfect title for this picture, since it is so lovely and dreamy. Jennifer is able to enlarge prints and this one is the 30×40 size. When the print arrived, it was very well packaged inside a tube, which was then securely placed inside a box for added protection. Jennifer was also super sweet and included this 8×10 horse print in the package! I can’t wait to find a home for that beauty! I would definitely buy from this shop again. Please pay her wonderful shop a visit and browse around.

Have a wonderful weekend! Wish us luck… we are mulching in the yard!

{Choosing Art} I Need Your Help!

I may have said this before, but I can be very indecisive when it comes to the decor of my own home. When working with clients, it’s easy for me to choose what I think is right for the space. My own spaces, on the other hand, can be a different story. Maybe it’s because I over think too much, when I should just go with my gut feeling. Maybe it’s because I will look at it everyday, so I better make sure it’s an investment worth having. Either way, I need your advice! We are back on the topic of the art above my sofa that I talked about here. I think I am looking for a hint of nature and one large piece, as opposed to a grouping of art. I love gallery walls as much as the next person, but I just took down our massive gallery wall and want a change. I am thinking about art that is at least 30×40 insize, which can get expensive. The below options, however, are very reasonably priced! To recap the space we are working with, here’s the massive empty wall that is begging for some art…

The Empty Wall

Here are some of the options, in no particular order…

Option 1- Equestrian Art

Option 2- Equestrian Art
Option 3- Equestrian Art

Option 4- Equestrian Art
Option 5- Equestrian Art
Option 6- Equestrian Art
If I am thinking about art that might be more meaningful to us, I could go with a snowy landscape, like the option below. After all, we do get snow here almost half of the year! How about that for meaningful art??
Option 7- Snowy Landscape
Coincidentally, this wintery landscape is from the same etsy shop as most of the above equestrian art. I guess I like her style!
It did occur to me though, that I have liked horses for a while. Here is our dining room…

So actually, it wouldn’t be that far fetched to add another horse to the mix! Seems I like them already and forgot I did!
Which one gets your vote? Brutal honesty is needed!!  :)

Time for Some Equestrian Art

Now that we are getting our basement finished, {are you sick of me talking about this yet??} it’s time for some shuffling around and moving furniture to different spaces. Our old sofas are going down to the lower level, making way for our new family room sectional. {More on that, later.} When I was looking at our large gallery wall of photos above our family room sofa, I knew I wanted a fresh start there, too. Instead of a gallery wall, I want to hang one large piece of art. I am leaning towards a black and white horse print! This might sound silly to those that know me best, considering I have hardly ever been on a horse, much less talk about the beautiful animal. But there is something about art and large scale photography that makes me lean in this direction. Art is definitely subjective and sometimes you know it when you see it! In this case, I’m not sure I have found ‘the print’ just yet. I am just thinking about this style of art. So here are some great spaces that use equestrian art to perfection…

For my space, I am leaning more towards a vertical print, since I have two floor lamps on either side of the sofa. A vertical image would draw your eye up and nicely fill the space. If you love equestrian art, this etsy shop sells beautiful prints with so many sizes to choose from. I was also browsing and narrowed it down to these two beauties…

Or maybe this…

So how about you… do you choose art that you just love or do you stick to meaningful pieces?

{Client After} DIY Art

I have another after photo to show from one of my recent projects! I love being able to see projects come to life. This is for a client looking to add new modern touches to her lower level space. We are adding a gallery wall of photos on her stairway going down into her basement. Here is our inspiration for that…

I love that gallery wall image- gets me every time! With a large collection of photos on the stair wall, I wanted the wall at the end of the stairs to have a graphic impact with typography art. I thought that would balance well with all of the family photos. I instantly thought about a DIY subway sign project! Since this is a space to gather and entertain friends and family, why not greet them with personal art once they walk downstairs! She loved this idea, because she could make the piece meaningful by adding places they have lived and traveled. Here is the completed subway sign:


Didn’t she do a great job?!? She said the project was super simple. In my design presentation, I included a tutorial from my blog friend, Courtney. When Courtney completed this project, she gave a full explanation of what to do and the materials to use on her blog.

Since this photo has been taken, the walls have been painted a gorgeous gray color! I can’t wait to show you more soon. I might just have to try this project myself. It would be so much fun to look at all of the places we have lived and traveled in one piece of art.

So how about you… have you ever made your own art??

Admiring the Work Of Kimberly Blok

When sourcing original art for clients, I often browse through etsy. There is so much photography talent out there, and I just found my new favorite source. Kimberly Blok is a natural light photographer, capturing beautiful still life, floral and landscape images, just to name a few. Here are some of her beautiful pictures, available for sale on her etsy site:

Wouldn’t this be so sweet for a nursery??

I would love this in a kitchen. Simple and beautiful!

Nautical Beauty

I have really started to notice and appreciate great photography. These items are so simple, but when photographed this way, they become works of art! If you live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Kimberly also does family photography. Check out that site here!
I have decided that I would love to learn how to take better pictures! Does anyone know of a great camera that is both affordable and takes high quality pictures?? Please share!

My Top Must Haves for Summer

Lately, I have been thinking about summer wardrobe additions and things I would also like to do around the home. So, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of 7 Must Haves for the summer! In the home as well as in fashion, it’s fun to switch things up with the seasons and make adjustments here and there. I had fun putting this together! (Now I just have to go out and make this happen!)

Let’s start with the #1 item and work our way through!

#1- A new summer bag! This tote bag is from a new (to me) on line shop that I found, called Rosanna Inc. She sells items for the home as well as these amazing tote bags. These bags would be perfect for everyday shopping or a beach trip! The price is great, too! Shop this bag here.

#2- Driftwood. I love driftwood anything- mirrors, frames, pieces for your mantle. Last winter, I found my driftwood mirror, and I love it! I found this piece on etsy from the shop, The Moss Woodshop. The piece also comes with a wire elk sculpture mounted on top. Driftwood in the home reminds me of being at the beach!

#3- Paint your walls a new color! I love this benjamin moore color, Titanium. I plan to use this color on some walls very soon! A fresh new color on the wall gives a whole new look to your space, and why not go light with a beautiful gray/blue that reminds you of the summer sky!

#4- Switch out your pillows with fun, vibrant colors for summer! I love this Schumacher print made by etsy seller Woody Liana. It’s a 20″ pillow cover, which is great for curling up on the sofa! When you switch out your pillow covers seasonally, it feels like you have a completely new room!

#5- Add a bright, new watercolor print to your gallery wall! This beautiful painting of a Kate Spade Clutch by etsy seller Laura Trevey would be a great addition to your walls or shelf! And the colors definitely remind me of summer. Shop this watercolor here.

#6- Add a new pouf in a cheerful color! I have previously mentioned here that I want to incorporate coral in our living room. What better way than with this coral rope pouf from Privet House for Target. I have seen this in the store, and it would be a great addition to any room for extra seating or a place to put up your feet.

#7- And last but not least, is this new (to me) etsy seller that makes scarves, necklaces and headbands out of recycled t-shirts! Of course, I chose the coral one!  :) I love the creativity and the amazing price! The name of the etsy shop is Day Old Tee. Get this necklace here.

I could go on and on with different summer must haves. I left so many great ideas out! (I might have to come up with another list soon!)

What’s on your summer must have list??

I Heart Cocoa & Hearts

I have recently found a huge appreciation for original art. It’s unique, beautiful and can complete any space. It can take a space to another level and make you take notice. Art can be a great way to bring a room’s color palette together, allowing the room to feel cohesive and well thought out. I have said before how I believe that the details make the space… it’s the personal, thoughtful touches in a room that make it a reflection of you. I am sure you have heard of Jen Ramos– popular artist and author of the Made by Girl blog. Her art is beautiful and can definitely bring the wow factor into the room. Here are some of her original paintings from her site Cocoa & Hearts

All art via
Aren’t they amazing? I included two of her pieces for a foyer design I did a while back:
(Her paintings are the two in the top middle of the design board.)
So tell me… do you also love original art???
Are you looking to decorate your life? Click on the ‘design services’ link at the top of my blog to get started!

Beautiful Watercolors

Have you ever seen the beautiful artwork from Laura Trevey? Her artwork has been featured in countless shelter magazines, she is the writer behind the very popular blog, Bright, Bold and Beautiful and her watercolor paintings and prints are so versatile and beautiful! She is able to capture a flower so vividly, while also painting abstract art, homes, nature and whimsical animals. Here is a sampling of her gorgeous designs (and some of my favorites!):

Her pieces come in a range of colors for all rooms and styles. If you haven’t checked out her etsy shop, go here! It will be hard for you to choose just one!

And stop by tomorrow for another installment of the Blog Room Series!