Designing a Room Around Inspiring Art

When I begin with a room design, I don’t necessarily start the same way, every time. The client might already have that one special piece to build the room around. Maybe I become inspired by fabric and design the room around that. When one of my recent clients came to me to help design her teen daughter’s room, I found some great art pieces that helped pull the room together. After that, the rest was history! Here are the inspiring art pieces that helped make this room complete…

Can these art pieces be more beautiful and whimsical?? I am in awe of each of these artist’s talents! Not only are the prints lovely, they each hold special meaning in some way, to the client. They also pull the room’s color palette together and help to bring the client a stylish place to create. I am feeling inspired and hope she will, too! 


  1. I love the balloons. So colorful.

  2. Great prints for a teens room!

  3. I love EVERYTHING you do! :) Your work is ALWAYS so beautiful.

  4. Love all the selections! Especially the portrait. They go together perfectly!

  5. Love the idea…great prints!

  6. Love the idea…great prints! kitchen backsplash.

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