Vacation is Over, Back to Reality!

With this crazy in between time of summer and fall, it is growing more apparent that fall is definitely here. With the kids back in school and our vacation over, it is back to reality time and the beginning of the fall routines. For our summer vacation this year, we went to the beaches in South Carolina. I love the south! I have some family there, everyone’s so polite and I love the food! Staying by the beach, I couldn’t get enough of the seafood and buffets! Eating until you’re stuffed is my idea of a great vacation!  :) So since summer has come to a close around here, I wanted to remind myself of the beach and take a moment to see the gorgeous view…

View from our hotel balcony…

I would love to take one of these pictures and blow it up to a large canvas art piece. I have this as my inspiration…


We also had time to stop in and see a local interior designer’s shop. Knotting Hill Interiors is owned by Principal Designer Kimberly Grigg. The amount of fabrics and accessories to browse through was incredible. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it!
Her Design Studio/Shop
So even though summer is officially here until the end of September, it feels like fall in these parts! Fall happens to be my favorite season, too. Until next time, beach… 


  1. So glad you had a great end to summer. Love the photo from the shop. Gives me great inspiration as the chair in my office is covered in one of the pillow fabrics. Been looking for others to add to the room!!

  2. Returning from vacation is always so, so, hard! I totally think you should blow up one of your beach photos. That way you have a bit of the beach around you all the time.

  3. Your beach photos look great. You should definitely blow them up! By the way, love that beautiful rug from the store!

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