Creating My Own Art With Color Glide Pro

When expensive, original art is not in the budget, I am a big proponent of taking out the brush and trying it yourself! What’s the worst that can happen? When shopping at local craft stores, I have noticed that large pieces of canvas aren’t that expensive. In fact, I have been lucky to shop when they are 40% off! So, when a representative from Color Glide Pro contacted me about trying their brushless painting applicator, I thought this would be a great tool to use when creating my art. In the kit, you get a refillable, reusable paint applicator tube with a soft felt applicator and a paint transfer pump so you can easily transfer paint from your old paint can into the tube. I had a large amount of wall space upon entering our living room that needed something new and fresh. Once I got started painting, I could not believe how easy it was to use! In the future, I will definitely try it for its intended purpose, which is to touch up paint small areas, doors and trim. But, it’s also fun to think outside the box and try something new with it. Luckily, it worked!

Let’s back up, as I explain the process and give close up shots of the cool product!

What you will need for this project:

1. Paint can with your favorite paint color.
2. Paint stirrer
3. Canvas board
4. The Color Glide Pro!

Since I wanted the art to be dramatic, I went with a 24×36 canvas board, which is the same size as the basement art for our kid’s space. I wasn’t sure if it would be messy to use the pump when transferring the paint. It wasn’t at all! The applicator tube also shows the fill line spot, so you don’t overflow your tube.

This was after I shook the applicator tube, making sure it was well mixed before painting. The tube comes with a shake and mix ball inside, so I can reuse the paint and just shake it again, when ready to reapply! I went with my favorite dark color, Dragon’s Breath by Benjamin Moore. I am using this color on all of our interior doors, so I had plenty extra on hand. Plus, it works well with our home’s color pallete, so it’s a win win for the art piece! When deciding on a design for the canvas art, I knew I wanted to make it modern and graphic. I tried a sample out on a paper towel, which also helped me figure out how to use the applicator tube.

I really had my fingers crossed on this one, because I didn’t want to mess up and discard the art. Luckily, the tube was so easy to use, I just went over a line again, if it needed some extra color and thickness. And here she is again, all styled up and filling the space quite nicely!

When I’m ready to take out the applicator tube and use it again, the paint will be ready! I just give it a good shake and that’s it! It stays fresh in the airtight tube and will last for a very long time. The tube even comes with a space for you to list the paint color and brand.

The above instruction list would be a great image to pin, as it gives a clear explanation of how to use the product. Scroll over the image to pin it straight to your pinterest account. (Or any image, for that matter!)

Make sure to come back on Wednesday, if you’re interested in a kit for yourself! The lovely representatives from Color Glide Pro also gave me a set to give away and use however you like!

Will Yours be for Paint Touch Ups or a Fun, DIY Project??


  1. Your new artwork and styling looks fabulous. The applicator looks like a wonderful tool, I will keep it in mind when I have leftover paint in the future. Thanks for the introduction.


  2. How cool is that? And I love the piece, it really is great!

  3. it looks like fun and your project came out great! the applicators make me think of finger painting, but without the mess!

  4. This is an awesome product! Beats having to store paint cans with a tiny amount left in the bottom. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the piece of art and the applicator looks user friendly. I love how you styled everything. Thanks for sharing and for instructions! :)

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