Let’s Get Organized in 2013!

Oh, where do I begin with this subject??? There are always so many organizational tips and ideas floating around in my head. Why haven’t they come to fruition yet? For me, I know that organizing involves taking everything out, sorting it and trying to put it all back together with style. {Sounds exhausting!} Although I don’t really set New Year’s resolutions, I know that this has to happen in the new year! So… how will this happen without a high level of stress?? A little at a time. When I focus on one project at a time, the stress melts away. First up, tackling the office with a new bulletin board of design inspirations…

Ok, now I don’t feel as bad when my desk has a lot of stuff on it.

Next up, paint the back of my hutch a fun color…

I love how the accessories pop against a darker backdrop.

This year, I would love to paint a chalkboard wall on the side of my cabinet…

Champagne on the grocery list? I like their style!

Organize my closet…

Source: decorpad.com via Kate on Pinterest

Has anyone tried color coding their clothes? I love the look on bookshelves, so why not?!?

Which reminds me, organize and color code our books…

This will take me a while, but now that it’s in writing, I will be more determined than ever to complete this list! And I promise to blog about the successes {and stresses} along the way!  :)


  1. Oh my – closet envy – love that pic.

  2. It does sound exhausting but I think your approach will make it much easier!! Your inspiration rocks! Love that kitchen and the backdrop in the built-ins! You have given me some ideas for our built-ins! Good luck!!!

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