Latest E – Design Projects

Lately, I have been showing some local projects, so I thought it would be fun to switch gears today and show some of my latest e-design work. E-design is a remote way of doing design, as it’s all completed through on line correspondence and virtual design presentations. First up, is a project I completed for a couple wanting to update their living space, while also looking for some new storage. They love to travel and also like shades of blues and greens. This was also a fun project, because it is a friend of mine who lives out of town! Here is the design plan…


OB-Casual Chic LR


They enjoy the outdoors, so I thought the Schumacher Zimba pillow {shown bottom center} was a fun addition, since the modern fabric print is reminiscent of the mountains. The watercolor art print, {shown bottom left corner} will go on the mantel and has the room’s color palette, while also brings another reminder of nature.

Next up is a den for a sweet family that I have worked with, before. This space gets a lot of use from the whole family, so it had to be both functional and stylish. We kept many of the existing pieces for this room, so it was just a matter of selecting the right accessories and color palette to go with the space. They already had a color combo of corals, greens and yellows, so I came in and added some modern elements to balance with the traditional. Here is that design plan…


OB-Stylish Den


Some of these accessories may change, but the overall plan will stay the same. Changing their current yellow wall color to the light blue/gray shade {top left corner} will be a game changer in the room. I like how both of these plans seem so different, yet they carry that common thread… a blend of modern with traditional design. I tend to gravitate towards that combination and it was exciting to work on projects that bring together those styles. And both designs have the same watercolor print!

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