Gathering Inspiration from Design Bloggers

As I put together my most recent e-design project, I scoured pinterest and some favorite blogs for ideas. I knew the direction this space was going, and knew I could count on these on line sources for beautiful image examples of my ideas! It always amazes me the amount of information out there from which to draw inspiration. This e-design was for a master bedroom and she was looking for a modern, traditional space that felt serene and calm. Here are some of the suggestions I made for this client:

Black Door:

I suggested my client paint her interior doors in her room black. I thought it would feel cocoon like and be a perfect blend of modern with traditional.

Fresh Hydrangeas:

Fresh flowers look great in any space and this is a perfectly inexpensive way to make the master bedroom feel warm and serene. One of my favorite types of flowers are hydrangeas, like the beautiful display above.

Gallery Wall Around TV:

The clients have a similar television in their bedroom and a gallery wall around it is a wonderful way to mask the tv and make it feel part of the art.

Lamp and Book Vignette:
The clients have one night stand that is taller than the other, like this example above. Placing a few books under one lamp is a great way to make the space feel symmetrical and balance out the height difference. 
Thanks to these wonderful decorators for their constant inspiration! More to come on the e-design project, so stay tuned!

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