What’s Your New Year’s Resolution??

My New Year’s Resolution has been on my mind lately! Throughout the year, every year, I always plan to
1. Work out more and
2. Keep up with tackling my home projects. (aka- actually finish a project!)
Most of the time, the first goal never happens and the second goal gets done when possible- usually taking a long time. So when I read Danielle’s post about pairing down and simplifying, I knew what my resolution had to be! It was really time for me to purge what I don’t need and keep things more simple. It’s a win win situation, because extra items around your home can always be donated, going to a good cause, and you end up with the things that are most important and functional in your home. I really hope to stay with this resolution this year. Maybe when I start to declutter, I can find a way to better organize my life and actually find the things that I need when I am looking for them! From time to time, I will keep you up to date with how this resolution is going and now that it’s in writing- it has to happen! (You are all my witnesses!) Here are some great organization images via pinterest.

Source: bhg.com via Simple on Pinterest
Source: bhg.com via Simple on Pinterest
What are your New Year’s Resolutions??

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