What I Learned in Design Class

A while back, I mentioned that I would take design classes this summer. I just wrapped up the first session of classes and plan to continue more sessions in the fall. It’s amazing what one can learn in just a few classes. I am starting to feel much more confident in the planning and drawing stages of a room’s layout. This first session taught me about drawing rooms to scale, properly using the graph paper to sketch out the room and all of its components. We even split up into teams and measured the classroom. That was definitely a challenge, as our room just happened to have so many bulkheads and odd corners. Nevertheless, I am so excited to continue and know this is the path for me! We ended this session by creating our own room design and sketch, including purpose of the room, window and door placement and choosing the room’s design style. (Of course, I chose a traditional/modern room!) We stayed about a half hour after class, picking the teacher’s brain about what it is like to have a successful design firm. That was also so informative for me! Sorry that I don’t have any pictures of class time, but I will leave you today with some amazing beach inspired spaces!

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