Let the Virtual Magazine Series Begin!

As I mentioned in my last post, The Power of Design, I was so inspired by the innovative entrepreneurs of the virtual magazine world, that I decided to start a series on influential design magazines! And the first design mag in the series is the fabulous……… Rue!
Many of you stylish bloggers out there are already fans, but I couldn’t wait to gush about it anyway! Recently out with its 3rd issue, these fabulous ladies and their team produced another great read with jawdropping spaces! Led by editor in chief Crystal Gentilello and executive director Anne Sage, the magazine is a chic, stylish addition to virtual publishing. With these ladies already having popular followings in their own blogs, Crystal and Anne gathered a team of fabulous editors, stylists and photographers to put Rue on the map. The magazine effortlessly combines interior design, fashion and entertaining in a playful, chic way. And it is here to stay! I’m definitely a fan, and after seeing these amazing spaces, what’s not to love?

I love this space! The neutral palette is so amazing, and you can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn art!

I love the mix of rustic with chic. I am drawn to those beautiful drapes!

This neutral, soothing office space is another great way to work!

In this space, modern and traditional blend to perfection. I love the look of loungy arm chairs for dining!

I am drawn to the beautiful white couch, paired with dark gray/black accents!
Congratulations, Rue! Many of us are excited to see what’s ahead in the future.

And check back soon to see the 2nd magazine in this series!

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