My Top Must Haves for Summer

Lately, I have been thinking about summer wardrobe additions and things I would also like to do around the home. So, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of 7 Must Haves for the summer! In the home as well as in fashion, it’s fun to switch things up with the seasons and make adjustments here and there. I had fun putting this together! (Now I just have to go out and make this happen!)

Let’s start with the #1 item and work our way through!

#1- A new summer bag! This tote bag is from a new (to me) on line shop that I found, called Rosanna Inc. She sells items for the home as well as these amazing tote bags. These bags would be perfect for everyday shopping or a beach trip! The price is great, too! Shop this bag here.

#2- Driftwood. I love driftwood anything- mirrors, frames, pieces for your mantle. Last winter, I found my driftwood mirror, and I love it! I found this piece on etsy from the shop, The Moss Woodshop. The piece also comes with a wire elk sculpture mounted on top. Driftwood in the home reminds me of being at the beach!

#3- Paint your walls a new color! I love this benjamin moore color, Titanium. I plan to use this color on some walls very soon! A fresh new color on the wall gives a whole new look to your space, and why not go light with a beautiful gray/blue that reminds you of the summer sky!

#4- Switch out your pillows with fun, vibrant colors for summer! I love this Schumacher print made by etsy seller Woody Liana. It’s a 20″ pillow cover, which is great for curling up on the sofa! When you switch out your pillow covers seasonally, it feels like you have a completely new room!

#5- Add a bright, new watercolor print to your gallery wall! This beautiful painting of a Kate Spade Clutch by etsy seller Laura Trevey would be a great addition to your walls or shelf! And the colors definitely remind me of summer. Shop this watercolor here.

#6- Add a new pouf in a cheerful color! I have previously mentioned here that I want to incorporate coral in our living room. What better way than with this coral rope pouf from Privet House for Target. I have seen this in the store, and it would be a great addition to any room for extra seating or a place to put up your feet.

#7- And last but not least, is this new (to me) etsy seller that makes scarves, necklaces and headbands out of recycled t-shirts! Of course, I chose the coral one!  :) I love the creativity and the amazing price! The name of the etsy shop is Day Old Tee. Get this necklace here.

I could go on and on with different summer must haves. I left so many great ideas out! (I might have to come up with another list soon!)

What’s on your summer must have list??

I Found My Driftwood!

I mentioned here that I had been on the hunt for a rectangular driftwood mirror or the materials to make my own for our foyer. Look no further- a mirror has been found, purchased and is proudly in its new location! A huge thank you to my mom for this one! She told me that she found one at Kohl’s that looked just like my inspiration image here. And here is mine in its new location:

I am super excited to look at it everyday! It was on a great sale and there were only a few left in the store. The scale is a bit smaller than I had originally planned for, but I like this size better… if it was any longer, people would have bumped into it every time they sat down! Things always have a way of working out- the stars definitely aligned with this one! Also, a huge thank you to the hubby for the early Valentine’s Day present!  :)

Can You Tell What’s On My Mind??

These amazing images might give a hint:

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I’m sure you guessed… I want to incorporate driftwood into my home! In our foyer, there is a large space above our bench just begging for a large rectangular mirror. And I have now decided (and become determined) to find one! Here is the space I am working with:

The mirror would go above black bench. 

This is before we had the bench. You can see a bit of our old red coat rack.

The first image I showed is almost exactly what I am looking for. The price I had in mind was under $70. The reason I am set on that price is because in the past, I have found great mirror deals at TJ Maxx and Home Goods at that price point and lower. The dimensions would need to be about 24″ x 40.” This might be a tough task, but I am up for the challenge! There are driftwood mirrors on the market, but are pretty pricey. I have even thought about buying a large, plain mirror and embellishing my own driftwood. (By the way, where could I find small pieces of driftwood???)

I would love to hear your ideas!

For now, I will either think about making my own or continue to scour Home Goods! Wish me luck…