My Mom’s Inspiration

My mom has always inspired me in many ways… both in life and in design. We share so much in common and truly enjoy the time we spend together. When we’re together or on the phone, one of our biggest topics is interior design- we both love it! We never miss an episode of our favorite shows from HGTV, and we often call each other during commercials to discuss. We share our magazine subscriptions and love to talk about our favorite pages and rooms. And it never ceases to amaze me that she falls in love with a color, pattern or design idea way before it becomes a trend- every time! So I thought it would be fun to share some images of my parent’s home- where I grew up! This home has so many happy memories, and the decor changes are too many to count! Like me, her design tastes change and evolve over time. And all of the changes- the paint, lighting, wallpaper- has all been done by herself! She is quite the DIYer! (I’ve told her she should start a blog, because I know it would be a great one!) Without further adieu, here’s is my parent’s beautiful abode:

My mom’s style is classic and elegant, with a touch of modern. She has inspired me with her creativity and attention to detail. And I am always amazed at her DIY skills- I think I need her to teach me some!  :) Thanks mom, for giving us a glimpse into your beautiful home!

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