Juxtaposition.  I love this word!  You can use it to mean closeness, side by side or to pair together.  I love to pair different decor styles and textures to create a pulled together look.  I love the juxtaposition of an old farmhouse table with modern, sleek chairs.  I love the juxtaposition of a sleek, extra large drum shade over a rustic dining set. 
It is also lovely to juxtapose a stream lined, modern leather chair next to an elegant pedestal side table.  Modern with traditional, sleek with romantic, antiques with new- it all works.  A room speaks to me and has depth when it is well thought out, evolves over time and brings pieces together from your travels.  I believe decorating is an evolution, that doesn’t happen overnight.  There’s no use stressing over whether there is a piece of furniture in every corner of the room, or a picture on every wall.  The beauty and fun of interior design is the thrill of the hunt- looking for that right piece for that space.  Waiting until you have found a piece that will last, is functional and right for your budget.  So enjoy your shopping quest- And when you find that special piece, it helps tell your design story! 

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