Wowed by the One Room Challenge

Do I have a beauty of a room to show you, today!! In case you haven’t heard of it before, the One Room Challenge participants had their reveals yesterday! This 6 week design overhaul idea is the work of Linda, from the blog Calling it Home. Twenty participants are given 6 weeks to completely transform a space and write on the adventures each week. Today, I am featuring the living room makeover of Cassie, from her blog Hi Sugarplum. Cassie teamed up with designer Kristin, from The Hunted Interior and created this amazing after…


orc reveal 1


orc reveal 2


Amazing, right? There is so much to love about this space. I love the bold use of color, how cheerful this room is and how well it fits Cassie’s style. If you read her blog, you know that this room exudes her!! There is a wonderful pairing of meaningful pieces mixed with new design. I love it all!

The One Room Challenge also has a linking party, in which readers could participate and make over their own space! They have their reveals today, so make sure to check that out. This year, I helped out my friend, Britt and we transformed her master bedroom. You may know from my past posts, that Britt designed my new web site. So I was thrilled for the opportunity to work together, on this challenge. She is giving her partial reveal today, so be sure to check it out!




Once more items arrive, she will make the final room update. So far, I love this image and how she has beautifully styled her dresser! She has been working so hard and has great style, all on her own. Thank you so much, Britt, for believing in me to help with this challenge and the sweet things you said on your blog. It means the world to me- more than you know! :) To see how the partnership began and our design ideas along the way, visit my past posts HERE.

The One Room Challenge Updates!

Happy weekend! I just wanted to check in and update you on how Britt is doing with the One Room Challenge! To catch you up to speed if you are new, Britt is the amazing graphic designer who brought so much style to my site and she has asked me to help her design her master bedroom space for the One Room Challenge. We are in the thick of it and about half way there!! She has added more to her gorgeous gallery wall…


britt post


In this above picture, she did a trick that I also like to use in gallery wall installs. She hung the frame without the print, to see if she liked the layout and arrangement. Even if clients are not sure what prints to put in their frames yet, I like to at least hang the frames and begin the process. Then, if we like the arrangement, we know what size prints to be on the lookout for.


britt post 2

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Britt just added the chalkboard shield and I love the depth it brings to the wall. To see more about Britt’s ORC journey, visit her latest post HERE. And to keep up with all things One Room Challenge related, visit the founder’s blog… Linda, from Calling it Home.

Fun News to Announce

You never know where your business ventures will take you. One thing you try to do is work hard, establish great friendships and keep following your goals. When this new web site launched, I was so excited to start blogging from this pretty new platform! I had this new energy, ready to see what paths this design business will go. I truly love what I do and it is the relationships and friendships you make along the way, that are the most meaningful. The web designer behind all of this pretty web goodness here, is Britt from Gallery No. Eight. She was amazing to work with and it’s sad when projects come to an end, when they are so much fun! Luckily, we are working together again! She has trusted me to help her with the ever popular One Room Challenge and I am so excited and honored to be asked. The One Room Challenge was created by Linda, from the blog Calling it Home. She has this amazing 6 week design extravaganza, where bloggers completely transform a space and blog about it each week. I am so excited to announce that Britt will be a linking participant and is making over her master bedroom! She has done an amazing job already, with her stunning gallery wall and great design eye. I am here to help suggest some new accessories, bedding and a surprise idea to spruce up the ceiling. Here is the inspiration board that we originally began with…




We will be making some changes to this plan and I can’t wait to show you the progress, along the way! Britt already has such a great sense of style and her space is so beautiful to begin with. I am so excited for her and know she will do such a great job!! Britt and I met a few years back at blog podium, when the event was held in Toronto. It was such a fun way to reach out and meet fellow bloggers. I sat in on her work shop on Photo Shopping and I knew I wanted her to design my new site. If you are a blogger, I suggest you try going to an event near your area! You never know the friendships you will make or the fun things you will experience. I am so glad I went! To see what Britt is up to on the One Room Challenge and the beautiful space she has already began, visit HERE.