Photo Reveal: Project Classic Trad

I am beyond thrilled to reveal the photos from Project Classic Trad!! This was such a great project to be a part of, with amazing clients and an overall style that is right up my alley… a blend of traditional with modern. Today, I’m showing the living room and first floor bathroom. I couldn’t be happier to be working with Sarah Heppell on this project. She brought the rooms to life through her pictures and showed a sun filled space on a very cloudy day. That takes talent!! Here is the photo overload… enjoy!!


Project Classic Trad 1

{I love that we upholstered my client’s favorite wing chair in new fabrics. Tonic Living has the best fabric options to choose from and a local upholsterer created this magic. I call it business in the front and party in the back!}

Project Classic Trad 17

Project Classic Trad 18

Project Classic Trad 11

Project Classic Trad 15

Project Classic Trad 2

Project Classic Trad 16

Project Classic Trad 9

Project Classic Trad 5

Project Classic Trad 25

Project Classic Trad 14

Project Classic Trad 6

Project Classic Trad 26

Project Classic Trad 22

Project Classic Trad 20

Project Classic Trad 19

All photos by Sarah Heppell Photography

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the photo tour of Project Classic trad! Have a great day!

Project Rustic Glam: Living Room Reveal!!!

I am so excited to return to blogging today with this room reveal! This is my first time working with Ana from Ana Gil Taylor Photography and I am in awe of her work. She captured this room so beautifully and was also such a fun and genuine person to work with! My client has been so amazing to work with too and I have truly enjoyed every step of this process with her!! My client loves color and her gorgeous rug was the jumping off point for color saturation in this space. After we had that set, my client showed me this coffee table, which she loved. I did, too! We took those pieces and ran from there. I would love to get right to the photos, because I just can’t wait any longer to show you!! Come on in…

Project Rustic Glam, Photographed by Ana Gil Taylor


ana gil-taylor photographer-0424-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0096-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0099-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0172-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0106-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0135-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0417-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0233-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0203-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0186-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0248-XL


These next images are so unique, as they show the room from above. I thought it was such a clever idea to show the room from this angle. A really cool perspective…


ana gil-taylor photographer-0279-XL (1)


ana gil-taylor photographer-0305-XL


ana gil-taylor photographer-0294-XL (1)


I will definitely get more depth about this project in the coming weeks! I will also soon reveal the dining room, so stay tuned!! Thank you so much to my client for allowing us into her home for the morning. I had so much fun. And thank you to Ana for your creativity, your spirit and this overall experience!

Lighting Tips in Your Home

An eclectic, collected over time style is popular, but can be tricky to pull off when making most of your purchases at once. You instantly want the look of having a space that has evolved, but how do you do that with lighting that has to be purchased all at the same time?!? That’s the topic we’ll cover today. My favorite trick is mixing finishes when purchasing lighting. Just because one lamp is brass, does not mean that they all have to be that way… even in the same room. You can mix metal finishes with wood and with lamps that have a painted base. And you can also mix different metal finishes within that space. I love doing that!


Photo by Sarah Heppell

When I designed the living room for Project Classic Living, you can see the the wood spool floor lamp by the fireplace, in the same room with the antique brass floor lamp near the windows. Mixing wood and metal in a room brings an eclectic, collected over time feel to the space. These two lamps also have different styles and shade types. That’s important to think about, as well. The metal apothecary style lamp works in a small area where task reading is done. And the oversized drum shade on the wood lamp base brings a softness to the room with its fabric shade and is great for overall lighting.


Photo by Sarah Heppell

In this same room, I went with a pair of lamps for this console, to bring symmetry to the space, which was not done with the other two floor lamps. I like to mix symmetrical and asymmetrical in one room, for that contrast and balance. These fabric shades work well against the wood table, while the base has a brass detail that ties in with the apothecary floor lamp. I also love the look of having floor lamps in the same room with table lamps. For me, it’s never all floor or all table.


Photo by Sarah Heppell

In the foyer of the same home, I have mixed wall sconces with table lighting. The sconces were already there when the project began and adding the blue and white ceramic table lamp brought color and additional lighting to the table surface.


Photo by Sarah Heppell

In the dining room of the same home, I loved adding a pair of lamps to the buffet. It creates a great mix with the overhead chandelier. In this space, there was a lot of wood with the floors and furniture. So, I went with a brass chandelier with soft linen shades and then paired that with painted gourd lamp bases with a similar soft shade. All of the lighting in this room really pops against the other features, which was our goal.

So for a quick recap of fun tips for your home’s lighting, here is the breakdown…

-Mix your finishes and shade styles {task lighting vs. overall room lighting}

-Mix symmetrical with asymmetrical and floor lamps with table lamps

-Mix sconces with table lamps {great for a foyer}

-Mix overhead chandeliers with table lamps in a dining space

I hope these lighting tips helped! If you have any to add, please leave them in the comments! Happy Friday!!

A Living Room Inspired by Magnolia Home

We had a wonderful summer and it truly flew by! As the kids get older, time really does seem to be going in fast forward. I try my best to cherish these times and make the summers memorable. But with the kids back in school, it’s time to start back with writing more blog posts and diving into design projects! As many of you may know, the powerhouse HGTV duo that brought you the show Fixer Upper, now has a furniture line… Magnolia Home! You can browse Joanna Gaines’ signature rustic look on line or at your local store. I thought it would be fun to see how you can create a room using most of their collection and a few other fun finds. I decided to create a living room design, based off of that gorgeous new emerald green sofa!


OB-Magnolia Inspired

{all Magnolia Home unless otherwise noted below}

// chandelier // buffalo check pillow // blooms pillow // buffalo art // wool rug // floor lamp //

The sofa and chair from the new collection inspired me to give the rustic look a mid century inspired twist. The lighting and rug definitely reinforce that style. The spool coffee table, farmhouse accent tables and buffalo art definitely bring out the more rustic side to the design. And the icing on the cake- the floral and check pillows bring a whimsical, farmhouse fun style to the room. I hope you enjoyed my take on the new collection. If you have checked it out, what are your favorite pieces?!?

Make sure to check back later this week when I show how to mix different lighting into a space to bring an eclectic, yet pulled together look. Have a great day!

Our Living Room Plan

Since we have lived in this home, our living room has sat pretty much empty. We do have our secretary desk, ottoman and a chest of drawers, but there has never been any seating in the space. The kids loved using this room as an open play area and took full advantage of our vaulted ceilings for those high three pointers. Now that we have our basement finished and use that as the primary open play space, it’s time to refocus this room and plan for a seating area! The perks of waiting so long to decide on furniture, is that I have overthought this room for many years, have decided against some design trends and now have a plan to stick with! I decided to go with a grouping of four chairs, as opposed to a sofa. I have gone back and forth with this idea and I am now certain this is what I want to do!

our living room plan

This is the quick floor plan rendering I came up with for our living room. This is the first room off of the foyer, so it makes the initial impression of our home. With it’s high ceilings, I went with a dark brown, almost black paint color {Mink by Benjamin Moore}. I will stick with that wall color for now. This space also opens up to our dining room, so I want the decor to flow well from there. Here are the two spaces, as they are now:


SHP_6429 2


SHP_6424 2


SHP_6484 2


SHP_6459 2


flowers 2


my dining room

All Images by Sarah Heppell Photography

We will take out the chest of drawers and table lamps and move that vignette to the dining room. This will free up some square footage and I will add two floor lamps to the back wall. That round mirror above the chest of drawers will be replaced with oversized art work. The small black accent table and lamp off of the foyer will relocate and be replaced with a leaning mirror. The more I see this four chair layout, the more I love it! I picture family game nights in this area and just time to sit and read for hours. Here are some of my favorite inspiration images…

chair layout 2

Lauren Liess

chair layout 1

Melanie Turner

chair layout 4

Southern Living

I am not sure about my center table yet, but I know I want it to be round. I have settled on a chair… the Stocksund from IKEA in the blue and white stripe.

stocksund chair ikea

I like that you can select the leg finish, so I will go with black for contrast. I can’t wait to find four matching throw blankets and pillows to add to the chairs. Ooooo- maybe in a buffalo check or plaid!! I have been back and forth about using four chairs, as opposed to a sofa and small accent chairs. The truth is, we have sofas in our basement and family room, so I want to go a bit different in here. Also, these chairs have depth and width, so it can still be comfortable to curl up in these chairs. I will keep you posted as we move along in here. There needs to be some touch up painting first, so baby steps. But now that there’s a plan in writing- it feels more permanent!


Why This Works

Welcome back to another installment of Why This Works… a series where I show a designed space and talk about why it works so well. Today’s living room is all about a mix of traditional, classic design with a dose of modern fun. This stunning space was seen on One Kings Lane and it was love at first sight. Take a look!


why works post

image via

I love this space! What first gets me is the balance of formal with casual. The formality is definitely shown in the symmetry of the roman shades and table lamps. The furniture reads more traditional and then you are met with the gorgeous modern accessories, that take this room to the next level. The antelope rug is a favorite of mine and it works so well in this space, against the light furnishings. I am also a huge fan of oversized accessories and believe that a few, well chosen larger pieces works better than several smaller options. The large wall art, pillows, lamps and even the fresh flowers, allows your eye to look around the room and gives the illusion of more space. While the space is dressy, the large coffee table brings a functional aspect to the room. There is plenty of room for drinks, snacks and to rest your feet. Overall, this space works!!

What are your thoughts??? I will be back tomorrow with the final before and after from Project Classic Living… the Bathroom!


Before and After: Project Classic Living {The Living Room}

As promised from last week’s posts, I am now ready to show the before pictures of the living room from Project Classic Living, as well as some new after photos! It’s always fun to show how a space began, so we can appreciate how far we have come. The before pictures are taken by myself and the really pretty after photos are all from the very talented Sarah Heppell. For the living room, they wanted a light, neutral space that was a blend of traditional and modern, while also working with the character of the home. Here we go!


Project Alison 019


Project Alison 035


Project Alison 024

We really wanted to try out a sectional in this room. We were so thrilled when we found one that was a perfect fit! We lightened the walls, added new furniture and accessories and were able to keep some existing key pieces. We kept the beautiful media cabinet, mirror and wall frames.





{This is the mirror, above, that we kept. It was on their mantel. We just changed the orientation and hung it vertically.}









And one more time, for comparison…


Project Alison 019




All after photos by Sarah Heppell Photography

I hope you enjoyed the before and after! Next up… the foyer!

E – Design {The Living Room}

I recently completed a living room e-design for a family looking to bring some updates and changes to their space. Their living room is right off of the main entrance to the home, so it also does double duty as a small foyer. With the space being a bit compact, we had to get creative with space planning, the furniture size we used and accommodate functional design with their two small children. I am happy to say they are thrilled with the design plan!

The Design Plan

OB-den retreat


My client loves blue and green and adding those colors into an overall neutral scheme. Perfect, because that’s right up my alley! With their 8′ ceiling height, we wanted to replace their drab overhead light fixture with something fun. The semi flush pendant, shown on the top center of the board, will be a great replacement. The patterns and colors on the board are fresh and current, yet blend in with their traditional, rustic aesthetic, which is the combo they were hoping to achieve. I wanted to add an acrylic coffee table, to not take up too much visual space. Also, the gentle curves are functional with small kids running around. They can easily fit the gray knit pouf {right side of the board} under the table, when not in use. Luckily, we were able to fit a considerable amount of seating in this compact space. Using two upholstered navy blue ottomans {bottom left of board} in front of the fireplace, makes it easy to use as extra seating or a place to rest your feet. They are quick and easy to move around and they also do double duty as storage! Below, you will see the floor plan configuration that was selected…

The Floor Plan

floor plan


The door on the top right corner of the floor plan is their main entrance. They already had a gorgeous antique hall tree for their coats and hats. We also used some of their vintage furniture pieces to bring that charm to the space and mix well against the modern fabrics. I can’t wait to see the result!

I am currently booking more e-design projects for 2016, but spots are filling up fast. E-mail me at to get your project on the list. I look forward to working with you!

Updates in Our Living Room … Finally!

You know what they say, better late than never! About a year ago, I purchased an upholstered chair to go in our living room. It sits in front of our secretary desk and I love the juxtaposition of the upholstered chair with the wood furniture piece. Juxtaposition, huh?!? Using big words and two blog posts in two days… somebody stop me!  :) This chair is on casters and the kids have actually loved using it to curl up and read. Before, we just used our wooden desk chair.


It wasn’t very comfortable and we rarely used the space. Fast forward to something more user friendly and it’s a new favorite spot!


It lightens up the dark wood and I like that the space gets used more often. That’s what a home is all about, right?!? Pretty and functional. I found this chair (which is actually on casters!) at TJ Maxx. Maybe that’s why it’s popular with the kids. What kid doesn’t love to spin in a chair?!? I replaced the coral accessory with my little seasonal pumpkin I made last year. To see how I made that, visit HERE.

So that’s out little update (from last year!) How about you… any room changes you wish to share???
Even if it’s from last year, I won’t judge!  :)

How I Built A Room Around One Chair

Where do you find inspiration when decorating a room in your home? Do you start with a fabric, some art or a color scheme? Maybe, you begin by finding an eclectic, must have chair and build the entire room around that one piece of furniture. I was recently asked by Chairish to do just that. Chairish, an on line site that sells curator approved treasures for your home, reached out to me to participate in a fun challenge… I had several vintage chairs from their site to choose from and I had to build an entire design around that one piece! I knew right away that I wanted to select a chair that had character on its own, was a bit of a break from my norm {to make this a true challenge for me!} and a show stopping piece with some color. Below is the mid century modern gem that I chose…

This iconic Arne Jacobsen style Egg Chair and Ottoman is a fun, chic addition to any space when looking to add some modern flair. I knew I wanted to design a living room space that didn’t take itself too seriously, was eclectic and fun, while also staying true to modern roots. If you know my style, I always like to mix things up. My spaces tend to have several design styles tie in together. To me, it makes a room feel collected over time and unique. So a collected space that reads both modern and eclectic, fun and whimsical, was the direction I tried to go with. I hope you like it!
The Design

The egg chair was the jumping off point for this whole design and encouraged me to have some fun with color. Once this chair was chosen, I knew that the pillows needed to be fun, vibrant and full of pattern. Since the bright pops of color come in through the egg chair, pillows and art, I stayed more neutral with the area rug and the soft green drapes. The walls will also be a soft gray, almost white color, which allows the bright pieces to shine. I also selected some other pieces from Chairish, such as the Brass Bamboo Coffee Table and the Tripod Floor Lamp. I always love to mix metal finishes in a space, so these two accessories do just that. The stunning sunburst mirror in the brass finish adds a hint of glamour to the room, while the dipped wooden stool brings a rustic touch. For me, it’s about creating that balance between different styles, textures and finishes. This iconic egg chair is a statement piece on its own and I hope that I brought it to life in this living room design. Make sure to check out Chairish for your next vintage find. To view more amazing vintage chairs on their site, click HERE. To find out where all sources are from the design board, click on the links below.