The Interiors and Fashion Connection

I have always been a huge fan of fashion and I believe it has a strong connection with interior design. Today, I had the privilege of going live on News Channel 9’s Bridge Street with the super talented Jackie of The Small Town Stylist. She is a stylist in the area and we had fun with our back to back segments about fashion and interiors and their influence on each other. I am so glad to have met her. I feel like we have a lot in common and it’s always great to be able to meet and connect with like minded, local entrepreneurs in your area. When I have clients that are unsure about what colors to include in their space, I often ask them what hues they enjoy wearing. More often than not, the colors we choose for our clothing have a direct effect on what draws us in for interiors. {It’s probably no surprise to you that I love to wear navy, gray, black and white with pops of color. I like to keep my outfits neutral and add some color here and there, in small doses.} The same goes with the interiors in my own home and most that I design for clients!


SMP Living 9





my dining room


Vintage Gem 3


All above images designed by me and Photographed by Sarah Heppell

Currently, I am all about buffalo check, plaid, gold, navy and dark green. I also love black and white to help anchor a space. And trends between fashion and interiors also happen to have a strong connection.


modern mountain

Design by Studio McGee

buffalo check

image via

It was fun to do this experiment and see how similar fashion is with interiors! Head on over to Jackie’s web site to get some great fashion tips! To see what gorgeous looks she brought to the show today, check out her segment HERE. And tune into Bridge Street HERE to see the interiors connection.

Customize Your Outfit With eShakti!

This is the second time I have had the privilege of working with eShakti, a clothing site where you can customize your order! It’s so much fun and so easy to do. When you’re on the site, you can click on a piece of clothing and make it your own… maybe you love the dress, but wish it had three quarter length sleeves instead of a cap sleeve. Or maybe you found the perfect blouse, but wanted to change the neck line to better suit your style. You can do that all of that on this site! When a representative from eShakti contacted me again to allow me to customize my own outfit, I was all for it! I wrote about my first experience with the company here, where I chose a pretty blouse. I was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the blouse, as well as the speedy delivery. This is what I chose this time around…

It is their Ruched Front Knit Dress and can be found here. It is currently out of stock, but if you’re interested, I can find out when it’s back in stock. I wanted to try their customized settings, to see how that process works. When you choose a dress, you can immediately scroll down and customize on that same page…
Style of Sleeve
I chose the sleeveless option, since I knew this would work great for the summer. The dress has a soft jersey knit/ cotton material, so it will come in handy all summer long.
Dress Length
I decided to keep the dress length as is, since I already liked the length. That’s all there is to it! So simple, and I love the result! Here is a photo of the dress via instagram…
You would never know there was another style before! When the dress came, I was pleasantly surprised with the hidden side zipper and pockets. The material is very soft, too!
There are so many options with this site! Start your shopping and customizing HERE!

Customize Your Outfit With E Shakti

Have you even loved a pattern on a dress, but wished it had a different neck line? Or, have you ever loved the shape of a shirt, but wanted it to be a cap sleeve instead of a tank? I came across this clothing site which allows you to customize your clothing and make it your own! E Shakti is a site that has everyhing from dresses to shirts and skirts- all with the ability to customize and make it work for you!  I was so fortunate to come into contact with a representative from the clothing site, E-Shakti. They asked if I would like to take part in a product review of any of their pieces. My response was the same as yours would have been… of course- where do I start? So I went to the site, and I felt like it was Christmas morning! They have the most unbelieveable selection of clothing, with beautiful patterns, colors and shapes. I fell in love with this blouse, and knew it was the one:

When it arrived at my door step, I was in love! This ruffled blouse is currently sold out right now, but should be back very soon. The deep claret color is absolutely gorgeous in person- perfect for fall! I loved the cap sleeve but wanted to try and customize it and see how the process worked. I decided to choose a bracelet length sleeve, which lies just above the wrist.  It came out beautiful!  I was amazed at how easy it was to make the blouse your own. I felt as though I had a part in the design process! Here is a peek at how it works:

This was the best part! I have never been able to do anything like this before, and it was such a cool experience. The options can be different, depending on the item you choose to customize. You can change the neckline, sleeve length and dress length for dresses! There are so many times I go out shopping and wish I could make one change to the blouse… and now I can! Here are some of the other amazing things e shakti has on their site:

If you love it the way it is, you can also just choose to purchase as is. They have sizes to fit any shape and flatter any figure. The site was extremely user friendly and the shipping was very fast! Overall, I was so happy with the entire process. I would definitely order through the site again.
What are you waiting for? Start shopping HERE:)

Style for Your Life

A little while back, Erin, a representative from Style Outside the Box, contacted me and introduced me to this creative site which promotes and sells unique, one of a kind products made by independent designers. This company was started by Laura Adamson and she set out to team up with these designers who could showcase their work for this site. There is everything on this site from home decor gifts to jewelry to men’s ties. I browsed Style Outside the Box and came up with a few of my favorites to share with you today!

And this is just a sampling of what you can find at this unique site! Stop by and check it out here.

Fashion Friday – Crazy for Bangs!

I wanted to start this post by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful and inspiring mothers out there, including my sweet and supportive mom! I have turned out like my mom in so many ways, which I’m proud to say!  :)

I am loving the bang trend lately, and am thinking about cutting bangs again! I have long brown hair right now and thinking of adding some layers and bangs to the front. I do have a pesky cowlick in the front that will bother me a bit, but I can’t help but give it another try and cut them again! After all, hair always grows and there’s always the option of pinning them back, right??? Here are some great inspiration images via pinterest. This is the direction I am thinking of going…

Source: via Simple on Pinterest
Source: via Simple on Pinterest

I love Zooey Deschanel’s bangs so much, I had to include her twice! So, I might just go for it! After all of this great inspiration, how could I not??? Do you have bangs? Would you try this trend?