E – Design {The Kid’s Rooms}

I mentioned in a previous post this week, that I had some new e-design projects to show! My client and I have been working on her basement and living room, but have also completed her son’s and daughter’s rooms as well. Kids rooms are so much fun to design. As a mom of two kiddos myself, I know it has to be fun, whimsical, meet their style and definitely have loads of function. There should be room for storage to corral all of those toys! But who said that the toy storage can’t be functional and super stylish?!? In a kid’s space, it’s all about having fun with color and taking it up a notch, so it still works with the rest of the house, but has its own unique flair. Up first, her son’s room! Her son loves outer space, snow boarding and the color red. His mom wasn’t too sure about using too much red, which I agreed, so we were creative and used it in small doses.

The Design Plan

OB-Vintage Charm


My client’s son desperately wanted a bunk bed and we found this affordable option that we plan to paint a deep navy blue. {Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, to be exact.} The green you see at the top of the board will be the walls and is Raleigh Green, also by BM. The red will show up in the bookcase, throw blankets and in a subtle way through the art. Toy storage can definitely be fun and colorful and I just love the idea of this red bookcase filled with books and woven baskets! The plaid rug on the board is a favorite of mine and is the Cooper Jute Rug in Navy by Dash and Albert. I used it in Project Vintage Gem and I can attest to its durability and soft jute material.

Project Vintage Gem

Why This Works 1

Photo by Sarah Heppell Photography

Next up, is the daughter’s room. She is transitioning out of a crib and this sweet, whimsical space will grow with her.

The Design Plan

OB-Girl Charm

Her space will have the entire color scheme shown in the round lights, changing pad cover and pillow fabric. The string of lights is so cool and is found HERE. With this site, you can customize the colors and length. I plan to have this installed above the dresser and around art that my client already has for the space. The stunning floral fabric is from my favorite go to source for fabric, Tonic Living. It is their Eastern Charm, Hibiscus fabric and it is gorgeous in person. That will be a huge throw pillow for the neutral bed. Green will play a role in this space, like the red did for the boy room. The same bookcase will be in a bright green for this room and I also replicated that color in the table lamp. Her bed will have a trundle component, so it has the same effect of a bunk bed, but can be tucked away when not in use. I have used the cloud like pendant in other rooms and I love that it is so versatile!

Aren’t kids rooms so much fun?!? 

Completed E-Design {The Basement}

It is always fun to put together a design that both myself and the home owner love. As I constructed this basement plan in particular, I kept thinking, Wow, this is so them! I hope they feel the same way. Lucky for me, they did! This past year, I have worked with my long distance clients on their family room and children’s rooms. We have now moved on to their basement, which will do triple duty: play area for the kids, extra living space and a guest room. To save space and make this usable as a guest room, we chose a modular sofa that is a sleeper/sectional. My clients also wanted to go bolder with fun accent colors and make this room their style, but a more loud, eclectic version of their style. Here is the design plan I came up with…

The Design Plan

OB-Eclectic Basement


I just cannot wait to see this plan come together! I love the color mix from the pillows, throw blankets and accessories. The art print on the top of the board brings all of these colors together. I took inspiration from this fun, eclectic living space designed by the talented sister duo, Kirsten Kelli.


color combo

Design By

What a fun jumping off point! I love that the base of this inspiration room is neutral, but the accessories are bold and don’t take themselves too seriously. It is a fresh, modern and eclectic space, which is what we were going for in the basement. To remind you of the family room design I did for my clients, I used the same fun colors that they enjoy, but in a more neutral way…

OB-den retreat

They wanted the upstairs to stay neutral and calm and take a more eclectic, bold approach in the basement. I will make sure to show any and all after pictures here! I will also reveal the kid’s room designs soon, too. Have a great day!

Completed E-Design {The Dining Room}

Today, I am excited to share a recently completed e-design project. I worked on a dining room design and my client was keeping some of the furniture and mainly needed help with the final accessories and pulling the room together. Here is the before pictures of the space…


her space 4


her space 5


her space 7


Isn’t this space absolutely stunning?!? I love all of the architectural details and molding. My client wanted to bring a more relaxed vibe into the room and make it a bit less formal. The moldings already take the room to a rather formal look, so I suggested lightening up the walls dramatically and adding some key accessories that will help make the space feel more casual and laid back, which is how the family lives in their home. My client definitely wanted to change out the chandelier to better fit their more simplistic style and I agreed. Here is the design plan I came up with…

The Design Plan

OB-Casual Dining


I am so excited that my client is thrilled with the design plan and is already in full swing with the changes. We are lightening up the walls, because although that deep navy is beautiful, it helps make the room feel formal. So we are replacing it with Horizon by Benjamin Moore, which is a very pale blue/gray. The new pendant from Rejuventation is the showstopper in the room. And the new textiles, including the four inch buffalo check fabric from Tonic Living will add a traditional, casual blend to the space. That fabric will be the new drapery panels and I can’t wait to see that transformation! We will replace the end chairs with similar options, yet with arms. I think the arm chairs will work better with the long table and overall scale of the space. Over the buffet, there will be a neutral vignette with an oversized driftwood sunburst mirror, gourd lamps and botanical prints. Here is a peek at the buffet vignette…

The Buffet Wall…

buffet wall

site logo 1

I am excited to show some progress and after photos soon. And thank you all for your sweet comments about my mantel series post! It was a fun week and I was glad to be a part of it.

E – Design {Recreating the Master Bedroom}

A while back, I created a master bedroom e-design for a client combining modern with traditional, chic with rustic and fun colors, such as lavender and emerald green. When my clients moved, they wanted to use as much of the design elements as possible for the new bedroom. We had to make a few small changes, so I thought it would be fun to compare the designs and see how items can transition from one home to the next.

The Original Design Plan

OB-Bedroom Chic


Dresser & Gallery Wall

OB-Gallery Wall Mock Up

Original Floor Plan

floor plan

Do you remember when I wrote the post on this bedroom being photographed? To refresh your memory, here it is all complete, with photos by Danielle Benham…

master after 2


master after 1


master after 3

All after photos by Danielle Benham

The new master bedroom has a much different layout, so we made some changes to the furniture placement. Originally, the desk was a second night stand. With the new house, there is not enough room next to the bed for this wide desk, so we included the same second night stand, which was luckily still available. The desk will fit in the space, but in a small reading nook. I think it will be really pretty, as it will face out to a wall of windows! The tall second dresser will not fit in this space, so I suggested adding it in the closet. Here is the new design:

New Design Plan

OB-Bedroom Chic

The Floor Plan

floor plan 2

Won’t that reading/desk nook be fabulous?!? There is so much natural light in this space. I can’t wait to see it all come together! We are going with the same wall color, Halo by Benjamin Moore, which she loved. We kept the bedding, but included a different pillow option, to switch things up. We had to select a new chandelier, and I love this Stiletto option from Shades of Light. The woven x benches will now go at the foot of the bed, as opposed to on either side of the dresser. All in all, we were able to work with almost everything the way it was. And that’s a refreshing thing to realize!

Make sure to come back next week for a fun blogger series I am excited to be a part of!

{Before and After} E- Design Reveal!!

Before and afters are always so much fun to share! This particular client is near and dear, since we have worked together on most of the rooms in her home and even some spaces in her daughter’s home! She has always been one of the most supportive, sweet and gracious clients that I have had the privilege of getting to know. We worked on both her office and guest room during the same period of time and the guest room will be revealed today! We actually swapped the two rooms, as it made more sense to convert the office/hang out room to a guest room. It is in closer proximity to the shared hallway bathroom, which would be great for guests. So the before pictures will show an office, while the afters are all about the guest space! Here we go!


office 1

office 6


The Design Plan


OB-E Design Retreat

My client wanted a serene, delicate retreat. Her daughter will use this guest space when she visits, so the pink and green color combination was right up her alley! We kept the bedding and walls neutral and added color through the art, pillows and accessories.


after photo 4

after photo 5

after photo 2

after photo 6

after photo 11

after photo 7

after photo 10

I am thrilled they are so happy with the design! I love the whimsical cloud like ceiling fixture and the way the colors from the pillows work with the gorgeous art. Painting the doors a dark color makes standard doors feel more custom, which is always a fun trick. There are striped ottomans that double as storage, at the foot of the bed. That is so helpful in compact spaces. It is always fun to see an e-design project from beginning to end. Thank you so much to my client for sharing these with me!


Bonus Room E-Design Plan

I am excited to reveal the design plan today, for a client’s bonus room! You may remember this client from her first home, HERE. We worked on a few of her rooms in her first home and I even got a chance to see the real estate after photos. Now with her new home, she’s looking to make one bedroom do double duty and have it as a play room for her kids, as well as a guest room. Let’s get right to the design plan…

OB-Bonus Room Chic


I just love that this space will be colorful, neutral and have loads of texture and function. There will be spaces for toy storage, creative play, a place to display art work and even a day bed that conforms to a double bed for guests! There will be a lot packed into this space and you get to see how it’s laid out in the floor plan, below…

floor plan

Amber B Design

Do you see how the walls pop out with two windows? Those are the dormers in the space and will soon be spots for new built in seating, wall sconces and ledges for books! Eeeek I can’t wait! The room has dramatic slanted ceilings, which we will make more visually pleasing with Hygge & West’s Daydream wallpaper in Green. Ohhh so lovely!! I look forward to showing you the process along the way. Thank you to my amazing client for allowing me to show the journey! Stay tuned…

From Concept to Reality with E – Design

I am excited to share this post with you today, as it gives an inside look into the e-design experience. I have shared the projects that this client and I have worked on before, but this update is pretty special! I have been working with this sweet client on a few of her rooms and she just recently put the house on the market! She kindly shared with me, the photographer’s pictures of the home, including the rooms I designed! It was fun to see the photographer’s vision and also take a look back at where the room started, as well as the original design plan. So, here we go!

My client and I originally started working together when she asked for help with her master bedroom. Here is a before picture of the space…


bedroom pic 2


bedroom pic 1

My client loves a blend of modern with traditional and even a splash of eclectic bohemian. Here is the design plan I came up with…

The Design Plan

OB-Bedroom Chic

I also included a gallery wall mock up for the wall space around the television…

OB-Gallery Wall Mock Up

Here are the fun after photos taken by photographer Danielle Benham…

master after 1


master after 2


master after 3

After Photos by Danielle Benham

Isn’t that fun to see the concept all the way to completion?!? I just love it! But we’re not done yet! I also helped her with her first floor bathroom. This was an amazing transformation, with new flooring, additional molding and tiles removed from the walls. Here is where we started with the room…


bathroom 1

Almost everything was replaced in this space! Here is the design plan..

The Design Plan

OB-Chic Neutral Bathroom

And here is an after photo, taken again by Danielle Benham…

bath after 1

I am thrilled with how this room came out! There is also a new marble floor that you can’t see in this image, but what a transformation! And that is a wall stencil- not wallpaper. What a great impact for under $50! You can purchase that stencil HERE. I am so happy with how it came out and super excited to hear that her house sold very quickly! My amazing client and her husband both did a great job implementing these designs. I am currently working on her bonus room in her new home and I can’t wait to show you those plans!!

Thanks again to my client for allowing me to share these pictures and to the talented photographer, Danielle Benham, for also letting me share her talents!


E – Design {The Living Room}

I recently completed a living room e-design for a family looking to bring some updates and changes to their space. Their living room is right off of the main entrance to the home, so it also does double duty as a small foyer. With the space being a bit compact, we had to get creative with space planning, the furniture size we used and accommodate functional design with their two small children. I am happy to say they are thrilled with the design plan!

The Design Plan

OB-den retreat


My client loves blue and green and adding those colors into an overall neutral scheme. Perfect, because that’s right up my alley! With their 8′ ceiling height, we wanted to replace their drab overhead light fixture with something fun. The semi flush pendant, shown on the top center of the board, will be a great replacement. The patterns and colors on the board are fresh and current, yet blend in with their traditional, rustic aesthetic, which is the combo they were hoping to achieve. I wanted to add an acrylic coffee table, to not take up too much visual space. Also, the gentle curves are functional with small kids running around. They can easily fit the gray knit pouf {right side of the board} under the table, when not in use. Luckily, we were able to fit a considerable amount of seating in this compact space. Using two upholstered navy blue ottomans {bottom left of board} in front of the fireplace, makes it easy to use as extra seating or a place to rest your feet. They are quick and easy to move around and they also do double duty as storage! Below, you will see the floor plan configuration that was selected…

The Floor Plan

floor plan


The door on the top right corner of the floor plan is their main entrance. They already had a gorgeous antique hall tree for their coats and hats. We also used some of their vintage furniture pieces to bring that charm to the space and mix well against the modern fabrics. I can’t wait to see the result!

I am currently booking more e-design projects for 2016, but spots are filling up fast. E-mail me at amberbdesign@gmail.com to get your project on the list. I look forward to working with you!

A Look Back at 2015

Before I head out to begin 2016, I wanted to look back at the fun, exciting and adventurous year that was 2015. Why not look back and evaluate the past, so you can move forward to better the future?!? So please don’t mind my little self indulgence, while I reflect on the highlights from this past year. :)


I completed Project Vintage Gem… one of the coolest projects I was able to be a part of and one of the most amazing design experiences to date!


project vg 22


project vg 12


project vg 39

all of the amazing photography skills are by Sarah Heppell Photography

I took the plunge and had my web site redesigned and rebranded! That was one of best decisions I have made for this little business. I feel that this new design truly reflects me and where I want to go with Amber B Design. Britt Douglas knocked it out of the park and gave me a web presence that I could have never dreamed of!

sreen shot

To better enhance the new web site, I enlisted the help of talented local Photographer, Sarah Heppell, to photograph our home and take some head shots. Sarah is such a true talent and I can’t wait to work with her again in the new year!

SHP_6429 2

Amber B Design at Home

Amber B Design

images via

I am also still working on e-design projects and have been having fun completing rooms remotely!

OB-Casual Chic LR

original post HERE

I had the privilege of working again with Britt Douglas and this time, helping to design her master bedroom for the One Room Challenge.

OB-Cottage Retreat


To read more about Britt’s ORC journey, visit HERE

And just last month, I was able to make my live TV debut on Syracuse’s Bridge Street, to discuss simple ways to jazz up your home this holiday season!

bridge st

bridge street photo 2

To read that post and see the complete source list, go HERE

All of these fun experiences would not have been possible without my wonderful family with me, every step of the way! They are my everything and I am so thankful for their support. Here’s to a wonderful 2016 with them by my side! Also, a big thank you to all of you, for your readership and for the positive feedback you always give. You’re the best! Thank you for letting me indulge a bit in this past year’s memories. This blog is a bit of a journal for me and it helps to reflect, before I move ahead into the future. Amber B Design has some fun projects in store for the new year and I am excited to share them all with you, here!

Have a Happy, Healthy New Year and I hope to see you back here soon! 

E-Design Project… The Foyer

I am back today to share a recent e-design project that I completed. I have worked with these wonderful clients before on their kitchen, dining room and den. We have now moved onto the foyer! It’s so fun to be a part of several rooms in a client’s home. Not only do you get to know them and establish a great designer/client relationship, but you also get to tie the design ideas into other rooms in their home. This is one of my favorite room designs as of late. I love how the colors came together, in comparison to the other nearby rooms we decorated. A foyer is your guest’s first impression of your home, so why not pack a fun punch with the design?!?

The Design…


OB-Trad Modern Foyer


I wanted to give this family a laid back, coastal style. They love the beach and I hope this design gives subtle nods to their favorite vacation spots! The upholstered bench really brings the color palette together and compliments what we have accomplished in the nearby rooms. The teal/indigo area rug color is pulled from the hues in the bench. The chinoiserie vase prints will go near the front door and it is the continuation of the blue that makes it all flow. The acrylic base of the console lamp allows the room to feel light and airy, not taking up too much visual space. They have already began putting the foyer design together and I can’t wait to see the results!