Color Palette Crush

You know the saying A home is never finished…

For me, that will forever be a quote to live by, because I always fall in love with new things! I just shouldn’t walk into homegoods anymore. I come out with way too many new ideas. In our living and dining rooms, our current color palette is soft golds and creams, deep browns and blue grays. After a recent trip to homegoods, I want to add one more color… coral! This bright burst of color would look amazing against grays, golds and browns and would be a great summer edition! I can picture it now-

I already have these similar (or exact) colors in our two rooms, but lacking the second color at the moment. These paint samples are all from Benjamin Moore and are as follows: Titanium, Golden Gate, Decatur Buff and Mink. Our living room is painted Mink, and our dining room is similar to Decatur Buff. Our throw pillows on the dining chairs are a similar color to Titanium. I started on this coral tangent when I saw a coral table runner in a linen fabric. Then, I started to see beautiful pillows with all of these colors in them, and I started to go crazy with ideas! I started to imagine a new wall color, pillows and a table runner. Somebody stop me!! Here are some great examples of this color combination:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

And a little dining room update to share… our rug is no longer there, and we love the look without one! More updated photos to come and a shout out to my blog friend Holly for the idea!  :)

What’s your current color palette crush???

Time to Get Outside!

The weather here has been beautiful lately, (which explains my lack of posts last week) and I definitely have outdoor spaces on my brain! We have a patio in our backyard with pavers, and we got our table and chairs all cleaned and ready for the warm weather. I love when the umbrella is open, the sun is shining and butterflies are flying by…….. it’s the little things that make me happy. So here are some beautiful outdoor spaces to inspire. Enjoy!

Source: via Simple on Pinterest

That last image is my favorite! Isn’t it so dreamy?? I think I am particularly drawn to smaller outdoor spaces. To me, they feel very intimate, cozy and achievable. Even with a tiny bit of space, most of these outdoor looks can be imitated. I love when an outdoor space feels like an extension of the home- complete with lanterns, rugs and pillows. There are so many great outdoor fabrics on the market. Shopping for your outdoor space can be just as fun as the interior of your home!

What is your outdoor space like???

How Much is Too Much??

I need all of your advice! I recently fell in love with a new rug for our dining room, but need all of your expert opinions! With the pattern we already have on the wall, is this too much in the space?

This is the new Saybrook rug from Ballard Designs and I would choose the black/gold on the bottom right side. It’s a beautiful indoor/outdoor rug that would be perfect for high traffic areas in the home. Before I go any further, let me remind you of our dining room and the one stenciled wall, already providing lots of pattern in the space:

Our stenciled wall is on the one wall only, while the rest is the soft gold color. (And our drapery is a subtle stripe, adding a bit more pattern.) But when I saw this rug, it reminded me of an extension of the wall pattern and worked well with the furniture/colors in the space. Before seeing the Ballard rug, I thought I would opt for this neutral jute rug from Pottery Barn:

This is their color bound jute rug in honey. So, I’m torn and need your advice!

How much is too much when considering pattern in one space?
Would they compliment or compete? Do tell!

Paying Attention to Details and Sending Big Thank – You’s!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post. It truly means a lot to me! The recurring theme in your comments was to follow your heart and do what really feels right. I completely agree and am thankful for that extra boost of confidence. :) I definitely look forward with what’s to come!

And now back to more design chat! The details and accessories in a space are so important. I know I have discussed this before, but when I see amazing rooms, it’s often the little details that make me take the most notice. Here are some more beautiful rooms where the details count!

I love the eclectic mix of styles in these spaces. Pairing traditional pieces with modern, rustic with contemporary and bohemian with chic all work so well. It makes me want to go shopping around my house and create new vignettes!

Do You Ever Feel Lost???

I’ll interrupt the normal, everyday pretty inspirations with some things that have been on my mind. (I guess it’s good to keep things real every now and then, right?) When I started this blog, I knew I also wanted to start a career in the design world. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to go about it, I just knew that this creative, fun and ever- changing path was for me. I love what I have been able to do so far- working with clients and drawing up rooms plans has been the best! I wouldn’t change a thing with that. In the back of my mind, I always knew that I also wanted to take things a step further and expand my business. When contemplating what’s best for you when making career decisions…….. do you ever feel totally lost and confused?

That is where I have been lately.

I am a pretty optimistic person and deep down, I know it will all work out. Sometimes, you just need to vent, right? I was about to take this business down another path, thinking I would be expanding in a beneficial way. But then, I took a step back and thought- Is this really what I want to do? Would I even like this if it became successful? Is this the path I want to take? The more I thought about it, I realized it wasn’t for me. So many other people became successful this way, but it doesn’t mean it’s my dream… it’s theirs.

So… it’s back to the drawing board! And that’s not a bad thing, because things don’t have to happen overnight. Sometimes, when you step back and reflect on what’s really for you, the outcome is that much better. I truly believe that when you are doing something you absolutely love, it shows. I do have to say, that this blog and ‘meeting’ all of the inspiring entrepreneurs and strong people has helped to lead me in this direction!

I’m really getting closer to how I would like this business to grow and I’m extremely excited about the future! I’m still stressing about timing, etc., but there is a silver lining! In the coming months, I will go into further detail about my choices, how I’m making it all work and the logistics of it all. For now, I will leave you with this sweet quote my husband sent me:

Aspiring to a small business that does what it does very well is a noble pursuit.
Narenda Rocherolle
I thought that was so sweet to send that out of the blue!  :) And now I am done with my rambling for the day!
If you’ve made it to the end of this post, I can ask- do you ever have days like this too???

Lantern Lighting Love

The right lighting in a space can take it to the next level. It is that eye catching piece in a room that makes you stop and take notice. One style of lighting that I love is the lantern look. It looks great indoors as well as outdoors, in multiple rooms and with almost any type of design style. Here are some gorgeous inspiration images for your Monday morning, where the lantern style light is the main focus! Enjoy!

I love this look and am strongly considering this style for our master bedroom chandelier. It would replace an exisiting ceiling fan and would take the space to next level! My favorite is the 2nd picture! (And by the way- I think that last kitchen image has solidified my decision to go with darker grout for our kitchen and bathroom, as opposed to white. Love that look! They’re some renovations that are down the road, but still worth thinking about on a daily basis! :))

So do you like this look? Where would you put one???
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Pull Up A Seat!

How do you like your seating around the dining table? My style in general is eclectic, so I like to mix up seating styles. For a rectangular table, I love the look of flanking the heads of the table with wing back chairs, while keeping the side chairs more simple. In a past e-design project, I proposed that look:

I proposed using the Willoughby Dining chairs from West Elm only on the ends, while keeping the side chairs different and simple. Mixing the seating, while also mixing modern with traditional gives the space a more collected over time look.

If the area permits, I also love the look of a settee or a built in banquette. Our home doesn’t have space for built ins around the table, but I would love to try a settee on one side of the table! The look invites you to linger and chat for hours in a comfortable way! Here are some great seating options for your Monday morning. Enjoy!

I love how each of the images above show seating options that are unique and personal to the homeowners!

How do you like your seating???
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