Project House on the Lake Reveal!!

I just love reveal time!! It’s fun to see a project take shape and see it through a photographer’s eye. I had the pleasure of working with Ana Gil Taylor Photography for the photos in Project House on the Lake. This master bedroom has a gorgeous window that looks right out onto the water, so we wanted to make sure and include that view. Let’s get right to the photos, so you can see who was the impromptu star of the show!!


lake house 4

{my client’s dog became the star of the show!! Great picture, isn’t it?!?}

lake house 10

ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-0959E

lake house 2

lake house 7

lake house 5

lake house 9

lake house 8

lake house 1

ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-0938E

ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-0959E

lake house 3

In this space, we wanted a coastal nod, but a subtle one. We took the colors from the landscape outside and brought it right into this space. I hope you enjoyed the tour! A very special thank you to Ana for capturing this master bedroom in such a beautiful way!! You are a true talent!

Adding Coastal Charm for Summer

I love to make changes around our home seasonally… it just awakens the space and gets you ready for the season. We are well into summer now, so I thought I would show you some changes around our home. Better late than never, right??  :)

A Nautical Inspired Wreath

This wreath was made with a craft store wreath form, ivory yarn and striped ribbon. I hung it on our door with some twine, for a nautical touch. This second image was taken in June, when we still had our cottage roses in bloom. They last for such a short time… I miss them! You can see a glimpse of the wreath from here. (To tell the truth, I showed this picture so I can see those roses again!)
Framed Sailboats

We actually keep this print up all year, but you can easily swap out images for different seasons. This picture was taken on a trip to Boston. I had it printed in black and white at Wal Mart and framed it in this floating frame from Target. I just suggested this frame in black for a client. It’s a great piece, because you can still see the wallpaper and it can hold any image up to 11×13! This picture is an 8×10.
A Touch of Coral and a Beach Sign in the Background

And a newer picture, without the rug:

Coral is fun to add to any space. It looks great printed on a pillow or as sculptural art on your table or shelf. This coral is from Pottery Barn, and I am constantly changing its home! Actually, it’s not on the dining table anymore! More on that later… 
As I was writing this post, I realized the beach sign above our kitchen window also showed in the image. Another way to incorporate a summer look!
Let’s take one more close up of those roses. See you again next year, cottage roses!

Even if you’re landlocked, you can easily bring some coastal charm to your home! Clipping a few of these blooms and bringing them into your home is another great way to add some summer charm to your space.

What are your favorite summer decor additions??

What I Learned in Design Class

A while back, I mentioned that I would take design classes this summer. I just wrapped up the first session of classes and plan to continue more sessions in the fall. It’s amazing what one can learn in just a few classes. I am starting to feel much more confident in the planning and drawing stages of a room’s layout. This first session taught me about drawing rooms to scale, properly using the graph paper to sketch out the room and all of its components. We even split up into teams and measured the classroom. That was definitely a challenge, as our room just happened to have so many bulkheads and odd corners. Nevertheless, I am so excited to continue and know this is the path for me! We ended this session by creating our own room design and sketch, including purpose of the room, window and door placement and choosing the room’s design style. (Of course, I chose a traditional/modern room!) We stayed about a half hour after class, picking the teacher’s brain about what it is like to have a successful design firm. That was also so informative for me! Sorry that I don’t have any pictures of class time, but I will leave you today with some amazing beach inspired spaces!

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Happy Wednesday!