Add Some Flowers!

Just when we thought spring weather was around the corner over here, it started snowing today! It doesn’t show any sign of letting up, so I thought it would be fun to bring spring inside. The best way I know how to do that, is with a vase of fresh flowers. Flowers instantly warm up a room, any time of year. I am always drawn to the flower section of our grocery store, because I know what an impact they make to any room in your home. When I had our home and Project Vintage Gem photographed, I added some fresh flowers to most of the spaces. Boy did that make a difference! That and the wonderful photography talents of Sarah Heppell. :) So, here’s a round up of rooms that bring that spring time vibe, even if it’s freezing cold where you are!!

Our Home

quote 2


flowers 1

{hydrangeas and tulips are always my go to flowers of choice!!}

flowers 2


flowers 3

Project Vintage Gem

project vg 3


project vg 47


sconce 1


project vg 15

Amber B Design, Photos by Sarah Heppell

So if you are in need of some spring or you just want a cheerful change, add some fresh flowers today!!



  1. Kathy Harris says:

    Fresh flowers always bring me “up!”(faux just doesn’t do that, even though I’m not adverse to using them) Speaking of your Vintage Gem Project, I finally got the West Elm Origami coffee table! I love it so! I was so afraid they’d discontinue it before I could afford to purchase it. I caught a “sale,” and am a very happy camper! Things can be discontinued and sold out suddenly. That happened last week with a very popular PB linen drapery that went on sale. As I was ordering it online, it got sold out. I called PB customer service. Sure enough, it is discontinued. So, quickly, I tried ordering one panel from PB and got the mate to make a pair on eBay. So, I have the proud distinction of getting this VERY last curtain panel at PB! Whew! I couldn’t find anything else I liked as much, so kept researching and it worked out. I couldn’t afford the matching cordless Roman shade from PB, so I ordered a smaller panel off eBay and will cover a new cordless shade I purchased (on sale @ JCP). I’m “workin’ it!

  2. Kathy Harris says:

    What I originally planned to comment about (before getting carried away) was seeing your woven blinds on the windows. I actually am going to grab the ones I have in my car for Goodwill back out! Since I moved and the new place has no storage, I’ve been purging. They look identical to yours. I wanted to use them but they weren’t wide enough to fit the window as one piece. I didn’t think about splitting them on my window as you have (they were originally on French doors). They look great that way! I would really have kicked myself if I’d gotten rid of them before seeing your post today! Thank you, Emily, for helping even when you weren’t trying. ;-D

    • I’m so glad you were able to purchase the coffee table! It is such a fun shape. And great score on the Pottery Barn drapes, too!! Glad I was able to help with the woven shades dilemma. :) That made my day!

  3. I’m waiting for spring to come to my kingdom. Going to get some flowers or better wait till Valentine’s day. This winter was so annoying. Brick walls look so spartan.

  4. kathleen tweed says:

    I love fresh flowers too but never knew how to put tulips in a vase. I love how you use a wide mouth vase and kind of let the tulips droop over! They look so pretty like that and I am going to buy some this weekend for myself for Valentine’s Day! I love hydrangeas too and you used a wide mouth vase for those and just cut them shorter than I would have thought – thank you so much for all your ideas!

  5. Amber I am with you on adding some flowers. Especially in winter! Whenever I go to Trader Joes I always get myself a bunch or two and spread them around the house. They definitely bring a little joy to a space!

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