A Look Back at 2015

Before I head out to begin 2016, I wanted to look back at the fun, exciting and adventurous year that was 2015. Why not look back and evaluate the past, so you can move forward to better the future?!? So please don’t mind my little self indulgence, while I reflect on the highlights from this past year. :)


I completed Project Vintage Gem… one of the coolest projects I was able to be a part of and one of the most amazing design experiences to date!


project vg 22


project vg 12


project vg 39

all of the amazing photography skills are by Sarah Heppell Photography

I took the plunge and had my web site redesigned and rebranded! That was one of best decisions I have made for this little business. I feel that this new design truly reflects me and where I want to go with Amber B Design. Britt Douglas knocked it out of the park and gave me a web presence that I could have never dreamed of!

sreen shot

To better enhance the new web site, I enlisted the help of talented local Photographer, Sarah Heppell, to photograph our home and take some head shots. Sarah is such a true talent and I can’t wait to work with her again in the new year!

SHP_6429 2

Amber B Design at Home

Amber B Design

images via

I am also still working on e-design projects and have been having fun completing rooms remotely!

OB-Casual Chic LR

original post HERE

I had the privilege of working again with Britt Douglas and this time, helping to design her master bedroom for the One Room Challenge.

OB-Cottage Retreat


To read more about Britt’s ORC journey, visit HERE

And just last month, I was able to make my live TV debut on Syracuse’s Bridge Street, to discuss simple ways to jazz up your home this holiday season!

bridge st

bridge street photo 2

To read that post and see the complete source list, go HERE

All of these fun experiences would not have been possible without my wonderful family with me, every step of the way! They are my everything and I am so thankful for their support. Here’s to a wonderful 2016 with them by my side! Also, a big thank you to all of you, for your readership and for the positive feedback you always give. You’re the best! Thank you for letting me indulge a bit in this past year’s memories. This blog is a bit of a journal for me and it helps to reflect, before I move ahead into the future. Amber B Design has some fun projects in store for the new year and I am excited to share them all with you, here!

Have a Happy, Healthy New Year and I hope to see you back here soon! 


  1. Kathy Harris says:

    Amber, I am wondering what colors are the two paint “swatches” shown for Project Vintage Gem (beige and muted navy-ish blue? This project as well as your other projects continue to inspire me. I look forward to seeing more ~ like craving a favorite dessert! Thank you, Kathy Harris

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. You made my day. :) The colors in that design board are from an e-design project I did. The taupe/gray is Revere Pewter and the navy is Washington Blue, both by Benjamin Moore.

    • Kathy Harris says:

      Thank you so very much for providing the paint colors, as it’s very useful to me. I’ll look at my BM fan deck and decide how/where I can use them. Someday, when I get moved (to a 1 BR apartment built in 1950 at Oxnard, CA beach) and get some of my decorating design accomplished, I’ll send you some pictures. Of course, it will be a work in progress (isn’t everything?). It’s my lifetime dream to live at the beach and the ocean/sand is 1/2 block (!!!) from my door! Thank you, again! Best ~ Kathy

  3. Kathleen Tweed says:

    It is such fun to see some of your work from this past year. Everything you do is fresh, beautiful and liveable. I can’t wait to see what you will be doing during 2016! Thank you for all your help with several of my rooms using your edesign services! You have given me the house of my dreams! Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much, Kathleen! It has always been a complete joy working with you. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. :)

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