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In my last post, I mentioned I had fun news to share with you today! I had the amazing opportunity to be on Channel 9 News with Bridge Street! The live segment aired this morning and I went on to talk about simple and fun ways to use some of those holiday decorations all year long.


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It was a blast having this opportunity! Sistina Giordana, the wonderful host that talked with me during the segment, was so warm and sweet. It really felt like talking with a friend that I have known for years. She put me at ease and I actually didn’t feel nervous during the segment. I wanted to include a source list here, of all of the different stores where I have purchased these accessories. It might be helpful if you are looking for Holiday accents this year, or if you want to get a head start and stock up for next season!

{Starting with the items on the right and working towards the left}

The cream chair we have in our living room. I love that it’s upholstered and on casters! The casters helped big time today, when we were moving it into and out of the studio. I also love that feature at home, too. The chair is from TJ Maxx and the festive plaid pillow and snowflake blanket are from Home Goods.

The bookshelf was a find from Target, a couple of years ago. The top of the bookshelf has my favorite faux deer head and photo board, also from Target. The snowman card is from Papyrus. I love that you can use this photo board all year long. It would be great on your kitchen counter for grocery lists and recipes! It would also work well in your family room for family pictures. Pictures would be so easy to change out, when you want to give it a little update! Target no longer carries the deer head {a purchase a couple of years ago}, but the photo board can still be found in their regular frame aisle!

The first shelf on the left shows one of my favorite design books, Elements of Style, by Erin Gates. I love the black and white stripes added into the Holiday mix! I have used the festive red Nutcracker accessories as bookends. They can be found in your local Target stores and come in green and aqua colors, as well.

The first shelf on the right shows a faux evergreen arrangement, wrapped in burlap. That was a TJ Maxx find. They have great Holiday accessories this time of year!

The middle shelf shows a cream tray I bought a few years ago in Target. This shelf also shows another favorite design book of mine… Habitat, by Lauren Liess. I also like to put out my Country Living Christmas book this time of year. It’s a perfect opportunity to have it front and center! The star bookend that sits on top of the books is from Target. There are still some left, in your local stores. I plan to keep this bookend out all year long. I ended up purchasing two, so my kids can each have one on their bookshelf. It’s a fun way to remind them that they are always our shining stars!

The bottom shelves hold two collapsible fabric storage bins from Target. I love using these concealing bins, so not every accessory has to go on display.

And last but not least, the small tree was a local find from Wegmans. It’s real and it smelled so good on the car ride to the studio! I placed it in a woven basket from Target, to bring a rustic charm to the tree. I then balanced the rustic accent with pretty pearl garland from an amazing local shop, Hafner’s. I love to support local businesses and support shopping local. Hafner’s is the quintessential Holiday experience this time of year. I plan to keep this garland up all year long and place it in a glass bowl for our coffee table. It’s just too pretty to put away!

If you would like to watch today’s Bridge Street segment, visit HERE!!





  1. Kathleen tweed says:

    I watched your segment and just loved it! What I love so much is that you used things that you already had. You made it look so good! Another designer might have run out to buy all new stuff and been freaking out about the opportunity. But you seemed to remain calm and practice what you actually do in your design business – pulling things together from what you have and adding to them! You were natural, sincere and totally believable not to mention poised,calm and confident. Great job Amber!
    Lv, Kathleen

  2. Thank you so much, Kathleen! You are the best! I always appreciate your support and encouragement. :) The segment was a lot of fun. I was nervous ahead of time, but the host did a great job of making me feel at ease. It really was fun!

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