My Photo Shoot Reveal!! {Sneak Peek}

I am over the moon excited with how my recent photo shoot turned out, that I had to share some sneak peeks with you! Not too long ago, I decided to make some changes with Amber B Design. This summer, I will be getting a new web site and switching to word press. {If you have any experience one way or another with using word press, I’m all ears!} So with those new changes, comes a new look. I decided to reach out to a local Central New York photographer and see if she could come over and take some head shots as well as some photos of our home. I worked with Sarah Heppell, of Sarah Heppell Photography, and I’m so glad I did! She made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. I am not one for posing for pictures, so if she could make me look unafraid, she’s a genius in my book! I will be waiting to show most of the photos for the new web site, but here are some amazing examples of her work…

All images below taken by Sarah Heppell Photography

Our Dining Room

Our Family Room

Our Living Room

Isn’t she incredibly talented?!? I love how she can capture the simplest moments and turn them into something magical. I love how the vase of flowers in the dining room is in focus, while the background fades. I also love how she photographed the dinosaur that my son painted, when he was younger. :)

And here are some head shots that might make their way onto the new site, as well as onto my other social media accounts…

When we were taking the last picture, she said she wanted to make sure she didn’t position me so that it looked like I had antlers coming out of my head. :) Right at ease! Well done, Sarah!

If you live in the CNY area and need a photographer for any reason, Sarah Heppell Photography is your girl! Visit her site HERE for more information!


  1. How exciting Amber! Your headshots look great and so do the pics of your home. Looking forward to the the new site unveiling. I've thought of switching to WordPress countless times too.

  2. Gorgeous photos Amber! Can't wait for the new look!

  3. Great photos and love the new headshot. I will have to save your photographers name for future reference. Good luck with wordpress we have been using it for a few years and thank goodness for youtube helping me with plugins etc. If you have any questions let me know.

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! :) I am so glad to hear that you like wordpress, Jordan! I may be asking you questions in the future. :) And definitely keep Sarah in mind for photography. She is amazing to work with!

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