An Update on #projectclassickitchen !!

I am sorry for the long absence on the blog! Time got away from me, but I am happy to return with a local client project update. You may have remembered a post I wrote HERE about #projectclassickitchen. It was a local client project that I was so thrilled to be a part of. The project got its name because my clients contacted me after remodeling their gorgeous traditional and classic kitchen. They live in a 1930’s Georgian brick colonial and the finishes they chose totally work with the era of the home. I was hired to complete the space with: breakfast nook furnishings, wall accessories and window treatments. I recently went over to the house, since we are working on some other rooms on the first floor and decided to snap even more pictures of the kitchen. When I was there last, the drapes had not arrived yet and there were some other items that needed to be hung on the walls. Here is the space now…

And just for fun, let’s do a before and after of the breakfast nook…



I can’t wait to show you the design process for the rest of the rooms we are working on!


  1. Beautiful Amber. Love a banquette in a kitchen.

  2. Nice job! I love the runner in the kitchen such a pretty pattern. The wall grouping very nicely done, I'm sure the client is so happy!

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