Picture Outtakes from Woman’s World Magazine Feature

When Woman’s World magazine contacted me about including my mom’s stairs in a spring feature, they asked if I could reshoot the pictures to include yellow flowers. The article was about a black + white + yellow color scheme and we were missing the cheery yellow color. So after picking up pretty yellow spider mums from a local florist, I went crazy taking a bunch of pictures and trying out a few different pots and vases. I wanted to make sure they had plenty of options to choose from! The editor mentioned choosing a fairly neutral pot, so the stairs and color scheme would take center stage.

First, let’s look at the picture that did make the cut…

And here is a sampling of the many, many pictures I took over the course of two days…

See- I told you I gave plenty of options! You would be shocked to know how many other pictures there are, too! Sometimes, you only get one chance to make a good impression, so you might as well go for it and do the best you can. It’s so fun being able to share this magazine experience with my mom, since we have loved design together for so long. A huge thanks to the hubby for surprising me with a new camera a few days before, which made this all so much fun! I loved trying out the new camera, as you can tell. :) To see my post about the magazine feature, go here.


  1. I do love the simplicity of the one they chose!

  2. love the owls on the left!

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday at the grocery store when I saw the magazine!

  4. I would have probably sumitted a million photos as well…personally, I love the pitchers, but I understand why they chose the simpler vessels.
    Again, congratulations. I hope there are many more "features" in your future!


  5. Yay Amber! Congrats on the feature. How fun to style the stairs and we love the chevron.

    -Amy + Alyse

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