Just Some Updates…

I purchased the curtain tie backs for the foyer panels and hope to have that installed today! But I do have some new updates to show you for now… I finally put a down filled insert into the foyer pillow. I can’t say enough about how important it is to use down filled inserts whenever you can! I am guilty of this too, but have seen the error of my ways. I was being lazy and cheap, thinking I could just throw a poly filled insert in and be done with it. I thought I was saving money, when actually, they’re about the same price! Jo Ann Fabrics sells 20″ poly filled inserts for about $18 when not on sale. That’s exactly what I paid at Pottery Barn for the down filled! The look is so much better and more inviting! Here is the pillow with a poly fill…


And here is the same pillow, but with the down filling…


So much better! I also want to add how much better a photo can look with proper natural lighting. It brightens up the space and looks so much more cheerful when you can take pictures on bright, sunny days.

While at Pottery Barn picking up the insert and curtain tie backs, I came upon this lovely turquoise accessory. I have had my eye on this for a while, but didn’t want to pay full price. When I saw it on sale a while back, I still wasn’t convinced. Then, I thought it was sold out for a while, until I hunted and found a bunch on clearance for $13! It was meant to be and proudly sits in our living room…

The coral that was once there is now on our secretary desk in the same room. I needed something to fill this space in between our lamps, and this pop of color was the perfect choice. I pulled this color from our suzani print pillows in the foyer. Sprinkling the same palette throughout the home unifies the spaces. It also makes it easier to move accessories from room to room when you are bored with the current location!

Have you made any new updates to get you ready for spring??


  1. Love the changes. And, agree that down is the only way to go on inserts!!

  2. Thanks for the advice on pillow inserts…I'll certainly remember that, and purchase only down.
    Your entry way is very charming.

  3. Yes the pillow insert makes a huge difference and I love the turquoise Pottery Barn accessory. I love that color!

  4. All of the updates to your entry are gorgeous, Amber! Ikea has awesome 20" down inserts for $7, I read about them on blogs and was a little skeptical, they're truly great!

  5. ridiculously cool

  6. Love your new curtains, x-bench, new pillow and the turquoise accessory!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a stunning mural wallpaper (worth $500!) if you like!



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