Lantern Lighting Love

The right lighting in a space can take it to the next level. It is that eye catching piece in a room that makes you stop and take notice. One style of lighting that I love is the lantern look. It looks great indoors as well as outdoors, in multiple rooms and with almost any type of design style. Here are some gorgeous inspiration images for your Monday morning, where the lantern style light is the main focus! Enjoy!

I love this look and am strongly considering this style for our master bedroom chandelier. It would replace an exisiting ceiling fan and would take the space to next level! My favorite is the 2nd picture! (And by the way- I think that last kitchen image has solidified my decision to go with darker grout for our kitchen and bathroom, as opposed to white. Love that look! They’re some renovations that are down the road, but still worth thinking about on a daily basis! :))

So do you like this look? Where would you put one???
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