DIY – Adding Fabric Trim to Lamp Shade

With the holidays behind us, it’s always fun to change up some things around the home with simple and quick projects! I recently added some new grosgrain trim to my lamp shade, giving a little pizazz to our guest room corner.

Here are the quick and easy steps:

1. The only materials I needed for this project are grosgrain ribbon and fabric glue.

2. Before cutting the trim, I placed it around the shade, making sure I left a little extra to work with. (I could always cut the extra ribbon later.)

3. At first, I applied the glue to the trim, but ultimately ended up appyling right on the shade. It worked out better that way.

4. I continued to make my way around the shade, pulling the trim tight while also pressing firmly on the shade.

5. With one ream, I had enough trim for the top and bottom of the shade, with some left over! And here are some more afters:

This tacky glue is very strong and stays really well, even on this overlapping fabric shade. If you look really close, you might see some waves, but it’s pretty secure. I hope this simple project inspires you to add some trim to your lamp shade!

Will you be tackling any projects at the start of the New Year??

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